Monday, July 17, 2006
The Inaugural Post.
Well, now I have gone and done it. I have taken the plunge and decided to join seventy bazillion others in the blogoshpere and create one of my own. Contrary to what you may think, I have not made this decision lightly. It has been an idea I have toyed with for quite some time, as a means of keeping people posted as to the goings on in the world of the 'Family G'. What has held me back until this point was a comment I overheard regarding bloggers, in that it was the ultimate form of narcissism. Would this be seen as such? Did I want to be thought of that way?


Well, it occurs to me that I kind of AM narcissistic. (It's all about ME!!!) Regardless, for those of you who know and love us, you all know how terrible I am about writing letters, so this will give you an idea of what life is like for those Canadians exiled in Florida.

Pull up a chair, stay a while. (Unless of course that is too narcissistic, then you dont have to. But if you'd like to, that'd be cool. Maybe I will manage to amuse you? Ahem...anyway...)

For those of you who may have happened along and do not know us, let me take a moment to introduce ourselves. *standard disclaimer: I will not use our real names, but will be using something close to them*

Firstly, there is the Daddy G, also known as Leester G. There is me, Mama G, a.k.a, Dee G. And there is also a Wee G. Although these days, he is not so wee. Just the same, 'tis the moniker he will sport on what will now be known as our BLAWG.

Welcome, to The Accidental Anecdote. <--Clever, isn't it? I thought of it. For I am narcissistic. And cool. Just ask me, I'll tell ya....


Anonymous chelle said...

Mom says Exiled by choice but we still miss you !!!:)

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