Tuesday, July 18, 2006
So this is how it begins..

Wee, in all his innocence (in this particular case, yes. most times, not so much.) says, "Come here Mom, look at me." I turn to him and watch as he stares at me momentarily, looking thoughtful. Inquiring, I ask him what is up. "Are you getting old on me?" he asks, in all seriousness. "I'm not sure kid-kid, I guess that depends on how you define old; why?" was my reply. Meanwhile, the thoughts begin to turn in my mind as I wondered where this could be leading. "Cause you sure are getting lots of wrinkles Mom."


Damn Wee anyways! I guess it is true though, I am getting them. Fortunately, there are plenty of laugh lines around my eyes. Symbolic of the type of life I have had, much to the credit of my family and friends. So, thank you! Wow. Thirty-seven. Soon to be Thirty-eight. On one hand I really enjoy this stage of my life and on the other somehow it feels as though I am still just playing at being a grown up.

July 18th. Today is the wedding anniversary of the Leester and I. Eight years ago today we took the plunge and eloped on a whim. Please note, I say the eloping was on a whim, not so the marriage. We had been planning a wedding and then for a variety of reasons decided against it. What was important to us was being husband and wife. Well, we have been for some time now and we both agree that it gets better each day.

I think though, if the truth was to be told, he is probably easier to be married to than I am. Just dont tell him that as I dont think he has figured it out yet. Mmk? Mmk, thanks!


Blogger Dee G. said...

Yes, I understand my hair is super-duper frizzy in this picture. my beloved husband has pointed this out, and on our anniversary, no less.

Dude, it is 100% humidity here in florida, frizzy hair is a given, especially just coming off the golf course.

Anonymous Chelle said...

You are beauitful fuzz and all!!!

Blogger RSM said...

"Lots of wrinkles"

That's it! Off to the orphanage with that one! ;)

Blogger T. Willie said...

I think blogger (bane of my existence) just ate my @#$% comment. Anyway, what I was gonna say was: "W00t!"

It's so cool to hear about someone else who did the whole elopement thing. We got hitched by a justice of the peace a couple days before I shipped out for boot camp. Sweet honeymoon, that. 14 years and counting (18, if you count all that living in sin) and we're still convinced that this marriage is a really good deal.

And my boy oh-so-thoughtfully points out, "Mom, I think it's time to color your hair again because man, do you have a lot of gray hairs!" Gah.

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