Wednesday, August 09, 2006
I'm not stoned...
Well, no kidney stones. Back to the Dr. this morning to re-evaluate where/why this pain originates and why it has been constant for days now. Bad pain, bad! Down with pain!

Ugh...wish me luck.

**Updated to add: I still do not know what the heck is up with this, but have had more tests and am awaiting results. Will keep you posted.**


Anonymous Tig said...

Wishing you the bestest of luck, darlin'. Glad it's not the rolling stones or rolling rocks. Maybe it's all the mean things you've said to me coming back to get ya. Karma, baby!!

Blogger RSM said...

Well, I'm relieved for you that it's not kidney stones, but then arises the whole other problem of WHAT THE HELL IS IT?! Good luck, sweetie.

Blogger Snickrsnack Katie said...

Have they taken a look at your ovaries? I remember once I thought I had a kidney stone because of the god-awful pain, but had an ovarian cyst. The pain sorta kinda comes from the same region. If they haven't done any ultrasounds in your female region, I would suggest it. Cuz that shit can hurt just as bad as a damn kidney stone!

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