Monday, August 07, 2006
Come back tomorrow if you want a real post
Sorry, I have nothing for you today. As mentioned previously, the kidneys, they hate me. Especially as the morning was spent getting an ultrasound. No better way to make already sad internal organs scream with rage than by letting the ultrasound technician smash them to bits with the thingamajiggie. I'll be glad to know (in a few days) what the heck is up. If it is a kidney stone, alright already, you can show yourself now. The Leester and Wee are wagering on it's size and sadly both are rooting for something the size of a golf-ball. The Leester says it dates back to evolution, the same fixation as eating bugs out of each others fur. He is an odd one, yup. The ass.

The wee gets a notable mention though, for thinking it wise (or not thinking at all) to introduce a portable hand-held fan to the back of my hair, right at the crown.

Ahem...Have you seen my hair? See below. Needless to say, I was as unimpressed as the Leester was amused. Oh yah, the bald guy finally has his day. Make that a pair of asses, shall we?

Good thing the love, it is unconditional.


Blogger RSM said...

Whatever, your hair is cool. And I love love love the red.

Blogger Dee G. said..., he seriously stuck a fan in my hair. The fan was on. My hair wrapped around said fan, eighty bazillion times.

Kid for sale. Interested?

Anonymous xtine said...

Is that a Lotus you're sitting in? It's the same lovely orange!

And I love your hair too.

Blogger Dee G. said...

Xtine, it is this car:

The husband, he said no go. He is mean like that! ;)

Blogger Snickrsnack Katie said...

Your hair kicks ass. People with red hair NEVER appreciate what they got going for them!


Blogger Dee G. said...

Haha, thanks for the hair feedback! I love my hair as well, I just dont like that my kid stuck a fan in it as it was hell to remove and leave the hair intact.

I do need to fess up though, you too can have the red! It comes from a bottle!


Anonymous Tig said...

Haven't seen the hair yet, still staring at her legs. :P yummy

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