Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Random thoughts of the day or the complete lack thereof.

Random Tidbit #1:
I am insanely, completely and unequivocally(well, aside from the obvious humans I adore) in love with my dog; a Jack Russell Terrier named Divot. So much so that I let him sleep in my bed, talk baby-talk to him and have pet names for him by the dozen. Also, I kiss his little mouth and let him lick my face knowing full well that he spends his days licking his ass. And truly? Dont care. He is that loveable. He has more character than a lot of people I meet and I lurve him. So take that, all my anal-retentive friends. If you need to spray lysol in my mouth to disinfect, go ahead. just watch out for my eyes. Blindness is bad. Mmmkay? Mmkay, thanks!

Random tidbit #2:
Well, the ZeeMan's vacation drew to a close today and after the jaunt to the airport, the WeeMan reverted to being a whiney little shit. It was entirely awesome having Zee here for the two weeks that he was, and much to my amazement, the boys did not fight even once. They got into some random bitch about an Xbox game that lasted all of thirty seconds and then patched things up and carried on. I was entirely impressed! I am not sure if it was their ages (almost 13 and almost 15), the fact that they only see each other once a year (if they are lucky), that they are cousins or just of like spirit; but day-umn, it worked well. Until, of course, today. Then the WeeMan lamented the fact that The Leester and I (horrible, evil parents that we are) yanked him away from his PRESHUS FAMILY, who LOVE HIM MORE THAN US and WHOM HE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT and FORCED him to live in Florida, land of SUNSHINE AND ALL THINGS DISNEY!!!! Gawd, how dare we?? How dare we yank him from the loving arms of the po-dunk town we grew up in and try and offer more??? Bah, I say! Bah!

Ah well, 'tis the life of the pre-teen angst, right? When we got home, the WeeMan promptly went in his room and fell asleep, a nap worthy of when he was a toddler, and I was reminded of all that was good about parenthood! Caution, you parents of precious babes and toddlers: they turn into this bundle of hormones which will have you tearing out your hair. I remember the day too, that my beautiful boy-child walked on water, and uhm...boy do you have a shock coming your way. Hah! So as not to lose my entire readership (all two of you) I'll save that knowledge for another day. Ahem....(Yes Mother, I know. I am fully aware that I am almost solely responsible for my Father's gray hair and that I had it coming. Thank you! I lurve you too!)

Random Tidbit #3:
I was thinking today (yes, it was painful) and I cannot recall a single day in my life that I have not been on SOME quest to change. Change either myself, my outlook, my appearance, my body, etc. ...a.k.a., a diet. That is effed up. Truly. I am all about personal growth and being a better person, but come on. The crap we do to today's youth, both male and female, as well as yesterday's; is wrong. Let's teach our children and grandchildren to be proud of what they bring to the table, shall we? Let's take a moment and teach them that even the most unlikely person has something of value to offer and that life is about more than just appearance. It has taken me thirty-seven years to figure some things out, but dammit, I am beautiful. Inside and out. So! Hah! how is THAT for a grand-slam of narcissism??

Random Tidbit #4:
I will never use a persons real name on here without their permission and even then, probably not at all; but today I would like you to keep in mind one of my very favorite people on the planet. I will call her Radish (She knows why). She and her husband, whom I will call Mr. Big-Top (Because the first time I met him, he was fond of humming a well known Circus tune), are seeing a specialist very soon to help them in the ways of the making of the babes. They have faced what I will call fertility challenges and are well on their way to overcoming them. Please think very happy thoughts for them and send lots of positive mojo/prayers/karma (in accordance with your own personal beliefs) their way? They are very loving, deserving people who will make awesome parents to another child. Thanks! Radish, if you read this and would prefer it wasn't here, please yell at me and I will remove. I love you and hope to see you very soon! Muah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so you know, you have at LEAST 3 faithful readers as I count myself as one of them...and I bet you didn't know that! Miss you!
H in Jax!

Blogger Dee G. said...

Aww, thanks H!! That made me smile.

Miss you too!

Anonymous Tig said...

Out of all that I can't get over the irony that you used the term "anal retentive" in a paragraph about your dog licking it's ass.

I got a mental image of his little tongue getting stuck.

Blogger Dee G. said...

Eww Tig, you so nasty! Thanks for pointing that out, when I tell you that I kiss that gorgeous little face of his!


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