Thursday, August 03, 2006
The Curse of the Interwebnet Thing....

After seeing the Doctor today and finding out that as I suspected, I quite probably have a kidney stone (must have an ultrasound on Monday to determine 100%) which I hear the passing of is sheer hell in its own right, I have since, thanks to the plethora of knowledge at my avail because of the great and vast WWW, self-diagnosed with many diseases much uglier. Diseases requiring treatment ranging from dialysis to chemotherapy to transplant.

Talk about a penchant for dramatics and far, far too much time on my hands. Actually though, if what I have been told is true, that passing a kidney stone is comparable to childbirth, maybe I'd prefer dialasis.

I jest, of course. I wouldn't wish such on anyone, nor do I take lightly or mock those faced with disease. I'm just scared, to death, of how much this is gonna hurt.


Anyone else have nicer weekend plans than what it appears I am going to be up to?

Yah bastards?

*Nice picture at the heading, right? This is what came up when I googled 'healthy kidney image'*


Blogger Snickrsnack Katie said...

Oh my GOD I totally know how you feel. I actually had kidney stones in the past - actually, I blogged about it back in April and May of 2005 (you could check my archives, but you may want to spare yourself the bloody details), and I also passed one this year. It is an absolutely hideous experience, for sure, but once that thing passes, the pain is gone. Make sure to drink lots and lots of water and load up on Vicodin during the really bad part of it. And I can honestly say it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced, but luckily once that stone is gone, you go right back to normal. And if you are lucky, your stone is small and will pass easily.

Anyway, I will be thinking about you!

Blogger Dee G. said...

waaaah, and here Katie, I always thought you were such a nice girl!! :-P

Thaks for the heads up, Im dreading it.

Anonymous Tig said...


Blogger michelle said...

hi there ... i actually work for the kidney foundation (in nova scotia) and just spit out my coffee a little when i saw that cute little pee-maker on your post ... i may have to snag him for my twisted attempts at kidney health awareness!). the stones are not a funny thing, though ... hope you feel better.

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