Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Random musings
I'm sure this Blog would be much more interesting if I actually updated it with some sort of predictability, hmmn? I will work on that. In the meantime though, I'll update you on the latest happenings and you can just feign interest, okay? Mmkay, good.

Friday saw the day spent in the local ER on the advice of my primary care doctor as the abdominal ultrasound failed to turn anything up. Not just pain, but phantom pain! Woohoo, never a dull moment! I tell ya. I went through the gamut of tests, from CT scans to blood work to whatever else they saw fit to do. One thing is for certain, I cannot fault them for leaving stones unturned (even if they weren't kidney stones). Still, though, nothing. I am to see a GI next in order to further try and diagnose. They are now leaning towards IBS. The Leester was with me in the ER when the Dr. informed us that I needed to see a GI to find out about that and then we were on our way with a script for pain killers. Pain management. Ugh. I like nice tidy little results, thankyouverymuch!

He teased me mercilessly, about the idea of IBS, says it is 'for girls'. Have a meeting you don't want to attend Dee? "Oh, I'm sorry, my bowels, they are irritable." Now imagine it said in a very poorly done British accent, will you? Of course I punched him upside the head, no need to ask!

At any rate, enough of that!

This time of year finds me sort of melancholy, with The Wee heading back into school and my days becoming far more routine and dull. I feel the lack of close relationships a great deal and catch myself wondering what it would be like if we moved back to Canada where my lifelong friends live. That is the one thing I truly miss here, the lack of history with girlfriends. And believe me, forming friendships is a challenge. It is much like dating, finding the right match, and Lord knows I was not great at that, although ultimately I managed.

Well, talk about sending the seasonal blues right out of the ballpark, when my sister, katydid and my Mom informed me they are on their way here for an impromptu visit! Wheee!! I pick them up from the train station on Thursday morning and they will be here for a week. So, there ya have it. Cool beans, I have something fun to focus on!

That should hold my attention for at least a minute or two!!


Anonymous popabare said...

yes and i hope u enjoy the company.
i will attempt to stay out of trouble while the cats away.

i do enjoy yor ramlings tho.

that reminds me, i was reminiicing while standing on the station platform waiting for the train, but thats another story. ask your mom or sister to tell you, or wait until our nexr encounter.

Make sure they get the right camera for the right job eh!!

By for now popare.

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