Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Ernesto, don't you fail me now!
Hurricane? Nope. Tropical Storm? Perhaps, but tropical depression is more likely at this point. Hmmpf! He kind of reminds me of a lot of the men I used to find intriguing. They started out real strong with potential to grow in power and then ended up fizzling out into insipid little wimps who were either unemployed, gay, criminals, attached, married or hung up on their mothers. Men! (TL, I pink puffy heart you for being so stable and normal in a sea of absolute assholes. Oh, and for marrying me too. And so does my father.) Oh..uhm, I was talking about the weather, wasn't I? Excuse me, I am back from that little trip into ancient history now, sorry.

Anyway! The big raging storm. It just isn't. And being a somewhat odd one, I am disappointed. I like hurricanes! I have now lived in Florida through ten or so of them. And while I mourn what happened to people affected by them and wouldn't wish it on anyone, they have not negatively affected us in any way at all. No damage. Not so much as a power outage. What they have meant to the family G in the past is a rainy day together to do what we wish. Mostly, that would be homemade soup or stew and movies on the couch while still in our jammies. Something The Leester just really doesn't go for, as a rule, but that I lurve. I find that an easy way to refill my emotional fuel tank is to snuggle up to the big grumbly bear with my head on his chest and doze my way through whatever movie he chooses to watch while The Wee does his thing, popping in and out as he sees fit. (I would love for him to watch the movie with us but he has the attention span of a gnat and would usually be bounding around with Divot, or Koda in a previous life. Or playing on the Computer or with PS2 or Xbox, doing what boys do.) Not today though. The Leester is at work all day and it is The Wee and I here at home.

I do however, have a chicken boiling on the stove to turn into yummy soup which I will serve to them accompanied by crusty rolls. The Wee is off of school today for a hurricane day and I do intend to spend the day lounging in my jammies. Perhaps I can even convince my teenager to watch a movie with his Mama. Something Disneyesque, something that we used to watch when he was a much littler person and used to enjoy snuggling up to me on the sofa singing the songs to.

All in all, a semi-charmed kind of life, hurricane or not. I am a lucky girl.


Anonymous h said...

I just sure hope you were knocking on something wood while saying that the hurricanes have not affected you negatively!!! :o) Hope you convinced Wee to do the Disney movie with you. T still will, but I have to literally tie B down for that sort of thing. They think they're TOO COOL now!

Blogger Dee G. said...

They really do think they are too cool, dont they? I caught The Wee at a weak moment though, he is coming down with a cold. :o)

Yes, I was knocking on wood, promise!

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