Friday, August 25, 2006
An update of sorts.
It is a good thing tomorrow never comes because neither did this post as it was promised. Yesterday was pretty much a write-off after seeing the Doctor as the pain is aggravated by the poking and prodding as I am sure you can understand. Currently they are leaning towards my gallbladder as the culprit, I am to go for more testing early next week to determine that for certain. Fine by me! Time to have this dealt with and behind me, thankyouverymuch! Yes, H, if I am lacking a definitive diagnosis at that point I will take you up on your offer and make my way to the Mayo up in your neck of the woods. Thank you, again, for the offer.

At any rate, enough of that business!

After a very nice week, I got my houseguests onto the train and homeward bound and things have settled into routine around here fairly quickly. While they were here though, my mother and sister managed to spoil the Wee beyond belief, from presents to movies to his favorite meals and even an impromptu early birthday party before they left. Needless to say, he was thrilled and soaking it all up. A rude pull back to reality when I informed him that he needed to clean up the kitchen after dinner last night! He almost had the audacity to pout and object, but knew better in the end.

My Mom and Sister also cleaned my house from top to bottom, worthy of a white glove inspection, and caught up on my laundry and everything else while here. Talk about earning their keep, right? Woohoo! I did ask them if they could come back next month and do the same. They laughed. Hard. Why, I wonder. They only traveled nearly three thousand miles, this time! It was really good to see them. Just what the Doctor ordered!

The Leester was very obviously outnumbered and out of his element as low man on the totem pole while the women were here and it was obvious in his mannerisms. Nothing could go asked without him pondering aloud why I was asking "All the questions" as he glanced furtively over his shoulder looking for the conspiracy. It looks good on him! Keeps him on his toes!

The first thing he did when he walked in the door after work yesterday was look at me, grin and announce that he would be removing his pants at the door and spending the evening lounging in his boxers. Go for it, Leester! Take back your castle! Can I get you a brew? What's that? You didn't hear me over your belch? I asked you if you would like a beer, dear.

More later, I am off to take my little old lady friend to get her hair shampood and set. Oh yes, back to the daily routine, alright.


Blogger Dee G. said...

One day, when I am cool, someone will comment on my blog. Ya fags. I see you reading, I know who you are.

Its okay though, really.

I love you.

All three of you.

Anonymous M said...

Maybe more people would comment if you actually kept your promises... I keep checking and checking & checking and nothing...ok slightly stalkerish; but what are baby sisters good for if not stalking their older siblings?

Now you cant say I never comment.

Your intelligent, beautiful, modest, and oddly enough under-appreciated baby sister.

Anonymous M said...

oh and by the way...
noticed you dont ever write about poor,poor girl pretending i dont exist will not change the fact that i am here and undeniably gorgeous

Anonymous m said... im bored & need a life

Anonymous H said...

Ok, I am anxiously awaiting next weeks report!!!

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