Friday, November 03, 2006
Insanity, Ulcers and the American Dream
Well, it's been done now. We have made our decision regarding the house, the deposits have been paid and moving dates have been set. I question my sanity regarding a lot of things, but especially the moving date. Who in their right mind takes possession of a home on January 1st, I ask you? It certainly leaves little doubt about whether or not I am in my right mind, yes? As you can imagine, I relish the idea of being surrounded by boxes over the holidays almost as much as I look forward to the joy of packing--about as much fun as chewing on broken glass.
This is where The Family G will call home for the next two years. We have agreed to a two year lease as requested by the homeowner (we will be renting) because it is also something that works well for us. Although I dread the actual chore of moving, it will be nice to be in a house once again, as opposed to an apartment.
Since moving to FL, and contingent to The Leesters work VISA, we have learned to live our lives in blocks of time. One, two, three and seven year increments, with seven being the biggie. Seven is how many more years we can look to working towards getting our citizenship (FINALLY) if all goes according to plan and comes off without a hitch. We are again facing the time that we play a lot of back and forth with immigration attorneys and then we hurry up and wait.

Wish us luck!


Anonymous H said...

I think the house looks beautiful and I am excited for you all...crazy move-in date and everything! :o) I'm coming to visit!

Anonymous H said...

PS...Tell Wee I vote that he gets the pink and purple room! :o)

Blogger \m/ MadMom \m/ said...

Hey...beautiful house! I am the process of house hunting and the thought of packing everything and unpacking everything makes me twitch. I'm just gonna try to look at it as a great way to throw out tons of crap. good luck!

Blogger Christine said...

Dude! That house is awesome! You'll have to spill the details!

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