Monday, October 23, 2006
I Did It Once Again..

I should just strike the words "I'll post tomorrow" out of my vocabulary completely, agreed? Life always somehow seems to get in the way. Ah well, my excuse is that I don't generally post on the weekends, so today is perfectly acceptable.

Saturday morning, after writing that bit of silliness in the wee hours and then finally falling asleep, arrived far too early. I wanted nothing more than to just roll over and go back to sleep. However, I did not. I forced my overtired self into the shower and got ready to head out, The Leester reminding me all the while that I would thank him later for it.

For those unaware, or needing further explanation, The Funai Classic was the event I was all excited about attending. A PGA golf tournament. Watching the Big Guns in action. Some of them, anyways, the ones that are not already done for the year of their own volition or otherwise, or were off doing things elsewhere. It was hot as Hades, too hot, really; for mid October. A scorching 91 degrees. It made for some sweat-drenched moments, for sure. But! But I cannot even convey how cool it was to be there. It rates very high on my list of favorite days. Somewhere between marriage and the birth of my child. Okay, I jest, perhaps not that high, but close.

I LOVE to golf. I love everything about the game. The brisk, early morning tee times when the grass is covered in dew, trails from golf carts slicing and dissecting the untouched perfection; only to be burnt off by the sun and renewed the following morning. The sounds of nature; birds and insects, buzzing by as the rest of the world gently sleeps. The thwack of the club as it strikes the sweet spot when you tee off, quick and clean, like a gun shot. Each and every game is an awakening, a renewal and a way to refill the fuel tank. To me, there is no time better spent than venturing out with my husband, an unbroken four hours of time spent together, sharing in something we both love. Can you imagine how I would feel about it if I were any good at the game?!?

Attending a PGA event was a banner event for me. I kid you not, when I stood there and watched Vijay Singh (he is much taller in person than he appears on TV) tee off, heard the sound of the ball as it whooshed by; I almost cried. It was monumental. I believe it fair to say that I have been bitten by the bug!

It was extremely cool to watch the likes of Davis Love III (He of the brass knackers, who upon teeing up his ball slides his driver up against it to ensure it is properly teed and if it is teed up too high he taps it into the ground with that driver. Which? Would count as a stroke if by chance he were to knock the ball off accidentally), Mike Weir (a fellow Canadian who has done well for himself, and according to some of the volunteers is VERY particular and sort of a pain in the ass), Chris DiMarco, a Florida boy (who refused to sign an FSU visor due to his allegiance to his team, not in a rude way whatsoever, he offered to sign just about anything else but wouldn't sign the rival schools visor) and many others who make their living doing what the majority of us can only dream of. Earning money while golfing. The novelty! I could go on but I wont bother. Just suffice it to say that it is the first of many PGA events I will make a point of attending.

So yes, Leester, I thank you. For making me get out of bed and also for your patience in sharing your pass time with me. Although I should kind of slap you, seeing as how you want me to find one of the "Keep Quiet as a Mouse" signs to have at home so you can hold it up when I talk to you. Such a lovable ass, that one!

We wrapped up our weekend with a 9:00am tee-time on Sunday and the afternoon spent lounging by the pool. In 92 degree weather, in late October. Sometimes I wish for a nice brisk, cool day! According to the forecasts, the likes of which we should have starting tomorrow. WooHoo!

Maybe it'll get cold enough that I can light the fireplace!


Anonymous steen said...

I was so heartbroken when Payne Stewart died.

Shortly thereafter, Vijay replaced that empty spot in my heart. I don't watch regularly but I always root for Vijay.

Darn my dad for getting me into pro golfing.

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