Thursday, October 12, 2006
The Midweek Nameless Post
Thursday, already! And only the second time this week I am updating this thing. Not such a great track record since my goal is to bring you the pleasure of my astute observations and musings four days a week. (I know, right? Wipe the corners of my mouth because there is still a little bullshit there? (Which, by the way, is a statement I read in an email my Dad sent me and totally cracks me up, so I am stealing it! Funny, right??)(What, too many parentheses? I like them, alright? Cope!) Anyway! Here I am, finally touching base! I'm sorry for the lack of communication, it has been a very busy week for the Family G, this member in particular.

Granted, I did find time for an early morning mid-week game of golf with The Leester. Which? Golf midweek with the man=Happiness. I even shot a fairly solid game, which is good! At a course I hadn't played before, which is better! Probably even the only course in Florida with a multitude of hills, which rocks my socks off! All of those things combined and still walking away feeling like I played well? Happy, Happy days!

After we were through golfing, The Leester and I started our crazy afternoon of house hunting. We are moving from the apartment when our lease is up (I hate moving!) and now it is crunch time. Our needs are rather unique as we need an exponentially bigger place than what we have now, the variables of which we weren't sure until we saw it; sort of thing. I know, it sounds like it makes little sense, but unique circumstances bring about unique requirements. Also, could I use the word unique a little more today, you think? But! But, I believe we may have found the right house to suit our specific needs, so wish us luck and think happy thoughts, please?

It also doesn't hurt that it is on a golf course. Doesn't hurt at all, really.

Not much else new right now, so in closing I leave you with my favorite Leesterisms of the week.

After golfing last Sunday, we stopped by The Winghouse (Local watering hole) so The Leester could feed his need for a cold one and a bite to eat (Read:Booty-shorts and chicks with big boobs), and while on the way inside there was a Talk Show Host from the radio station The Leester faithfully listens to, his favorite station, Real Radio 104.1. The Leester is a talk radio junkie. This would be the only station he ever listens to ( I often tease him that his political views and education should come from more than just the likes of Soul Brother Kevin, RRR and/or Shannon Burke, although those three might disagree with me), and while I enjoy the shows, sometimes I just need the sound of silence. So much so that just that morning in the truck I turned off the radio and asked him if he didn't ever just get sick of it. Didn't the constant stream of voices give him a headache?

The Leester? Turns to me and says: "You should try living with you." Buuuurn! I had to totally give him major kudos for that one. The guy had them coming. When I mentioned that to the radio talk show host at The Winghouse, he agreed that it scored a home-run.

Speaking of home run, terrible, horrible news about Corey Lidle, right? The NYY pitcher who crashed his plane yesterday? Well, maybe, just maybe, we saw the Breaking News interruption on ESPN on the big screen at The Winghouse yesterday after all of our house hunting. Maybe we frequent The Winghouse too often? Naaah, its a great place. Sure beats the hell out of Hooters! (Just ask Hooters about the lawsuit they lost, you'll see)

At any rate, being slightly dramatic, I turned to The Leester and said "OH MY GOD! THAT'S AWFUL! DID YOU SEE THAT????" He ripped his eyes away from whatever they had been on (boobs), turned to me and asked what I was talking about and when I pointed at the Big screen, read the headlines. After seeing what I was freaking out about (By now I had moved on to being dramatic about the people of Manhattans reaction and the fear of the rescue workers and what might have been going through their heads and, and, and, OH MY GOD HOW TERRIBLE FOR EVERYONE!!!!) (I know, take a friggin Xanax, right??) The Leester turned back to me and deadpanned: "What, The Yankees are out of it anyway." (Durr, the world series, silly!) I yelled at him for being a hard ass, he said that accidents happen. (No, my husband is not a heartless sunnuva, he just has a very dry sense of humor. Surely I didn't really have to point out the obvious, did I?) Men. I was thinking about the young man that lost his life and The Leester was thinking about the organization that is major league sports.

I wonder what the world would be like if the species used their big brain to think!!!

The Leester wonders if Steinbrenner has to pay out his contract.

Ciao, peeps! Talk to you soon!


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