Monday, October 09, 2006
Baby Love, Part II
Did I Say Saturday? Well, I totally meant Monday. Sorry, people. Life gets in the way sometimes. Viva la weekend! Carrying on though, it is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to the *air quotes* family here in Florida!

*drumroll, please*

This is The Wee-man and his best friend in the Universe, Dill pickle. These two met in school when we lived in Jax and became fast friends. Upon moving here to O-town, we found that the best way to keep these two content was to basically co-parent them. Between The Leester and I and Dill Pickles parents, we shuttle them back and forth for alternating weeks anytime they have a break from school. It definitely spoils The Leester and I much more than it does Dill's family, as you will soon see why.

053106 1333

When the Dill is visiting us for alternating weeks, G&T are by no means off the hook. Unlike Lee and I who are kid free when The Wee is up in Jax, Dill's folks (aka G&T) have their hands mucho full with these two little things that make me want to cry they are so ADORABLE. If I knew which came first I would post them in that order, as I did with The Dill, but I don't. (And no, I don't mean the chicken and the egg. Duh!) So, in no order of favoritism, let me first introduce you to The Bruiser!

Babies 081

I am so not stopping with one picture of these angels, so I shall give you a photo essay! God I love a captive audience! The Bruiser's great big soulful brown eyes will suck you in and never let you go. As you can see by the picture directly above, he is already plotting the takeover of the Universe. Okay, so maybe not the universe, but he is definitely checking out my camera with some damn serious intent!

Babies 088

The Bruiser is a great teller of stories, in the form of the CUTEST little pursed lips and animalistic grunts. Yes G, that would be your boy-child. Takes after his Dad! Eloquent...for an ape! :P

Babies 118

The bruiser also likes him some damn food. You just don't want to mess with this one at dinner time! He will still take a moment though to charm your socks off, if you give him but a minute.

Babies 059

Also, because there is very little justice in the world, The Bruiser got the hair. It is just not fair. And on that note, I give the limelight over to The Bruiser's twin, Sissy!! Sissy of the fine, silky straight hair and not the mess of thick curls that The bruiser has. Sissy, the Beautiful angel!

Babies 086

I know the balance in this picture is all wrong but I love it just the same. I love how Sissy appears to be peeking out from behind The Bruiser and saying "You-hoo! Hello? Hello everyone, I'm over here!" Sissy was not feeling at all well when these were taken, the poor baby. She tried her best to take part in all the fun happenings around her but she was just worn right out. After we left, her Mama had her to the Dr. and found out that Sissy had a bad ear infection. No fun. She did better than I would have if I was sick on a long weekend, after moving, with a house full of company.

Babies 095

Where the bruiser is dark, Sissy is fair. Where he is a moose, Sissy is a featherweight. Where his eyes are so brown almost to be black...well, as you can see by the above picture, she is a blond, blue-eyed princess. Now how is that for a fun set of fraternal twins?? You can also see that Sissy loves her Binky!

Babies 103

Sissy was feeling so craptastic at this point that she didn't give two hoots about the happenings around here. It took a loooong time to coax even a little smile out of her when she is usually quick to flash you the most beautiful grin.

Babies 120

A little glimpse of the beauty that is Sissy's smile, even when she has a dirty little face. (Sorry T., I know it must be killing you to see that I have all these pictures of them up on here when they have dirty faces and are a completely hot mess in diapers and not much else. But you can smack me later, k?)

Babies 200

I LOVE this picture! LOVE. This was when Sissy was happiest over the July 4th weekend, when she was so miserable hot that all she wanted us to do was pour ice water slowly over her head. She is so friggin cute. ALMOST cute enough that for a second I wanted more. Shew...glad that passed!

And that, people, is the Florida Baby Love! How could I not, right? Now, to give credit where due, and also to push my dear friend T. just a little closer to the edge of my demise at her hands, I will share with you her and her husband, G! (Heh. She may just yell at me, if actually getting the picture of her is any indication of how much she will love it up here for the world to see!)

Babies 164

T. is one seriously awesome chick. We the family G. adore her. T is the kind of person whose door is always open. She is loyal to her friends, to a fault at times, and will always have your back. Her house is the place where the kids want to be, and always are. I don't understand how she doesn't sometimes tear her hair out by the roots, but she manages it. Imagine, just imagine, being nice and settled into your world and parenting a ten year old single child. Imagine finally planning your wedding after being together for a decade or so (Duh, G! About time!) and planning a destination wedding at that. Imagine, two weeks before you were to get married, finding out you were preggers.


Now imagine how much she wanted to kill this guy, when she found out it was twins. Dead man walking. Dead man walking. Dead man walking. I have trouble imagining it, don't you?? And yet? T. is the most seriously organized baby managing machine I have ever seen. She is the kind of mother that was destined to be in the role. She also has a lot of help from this guy, my boyfriend. I introduce you to G.

Babies 012

Hiya G! Where T. was all sketchy and shocked and "Oh my God WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH TWINS???????", G. was all about doing the touchdown dance. We are still on occasion hearing about the incredible abilities of his swimmers. *ahem* Yes, that is correct. After all though, really. A boy, a girl. A bruiser, a princess. A brown-eyed, brown haired boy and a blue-eyed blonde angel. I guess if he only had once chance to TRICK MY POOR FRIEND T., he did do it right. The bastard! G. is also responsible for corrupting my child's taste in music. Something he enjoys a lot. (The Debbil, I say, The Debbil!)

I want anyone who knows The Leester in real life to picture this a moment, okay? Hell, anyone that has even so much as seen a picture of my husband. These two? Not a lot alike, right? Imagine G. and The Leester upon first meeting, as different as night and day, kind of eyeing each other up and circling. I sent The Leester to pick up The boy from Dill's house and G. is the guy that answered the door. I got a bit of a look from my husband when he got home, but he refrained from commenting. I am told that G. also gave T. a bit of a look when she suggested upon my invitation that the four of us get together for dinner with the boys. These two did not foresee any future in this arrangement, aside from Wee and Dill's friendship.

Lesson? Do not be judgemental. Do not let appearances fool you. The Leester and G. became fast friends. Two really great guys who really look and ARE very different. We LOVE spending time with this family and as mentioned, have claimed them as our own. We have had the absolute pleasure of spending a couple holiday weekends with them, with the intent to spend many more together, and were made to feel absolutely at home. For us, this family defines our holiday seasons in Florida when the holidays take place without our extended family visiting.

And damn, can they cook! Since this post isn't quite long enough yet...hahaha...let me show you what our July Fourth weekend with them entailed. I'll do so without words, but let me leave you with this thought, okay? Just imagine what last Thanksgiving was like. And how much we are looking forward to spending this Christmas together!

Oysters meet their death
Babies 215
Babies 217

Oh, also? That was a sampling of one meal. Fooooood!


Blogger Jonathon said...

Great photo essay! Those pictures are adorable.

Blogger Attention Whore said...

I TOTALLY left you a comment on your See? I Do It every single time! post and it is no longer there! AAAH - feeling totally shut down. Did I say something offensive? Gah? Was I not wiity enough...whatever, I was probably so much of a loser that it didn't save properly. haha
Hee - ANYWAY - extended family, you gotta love em. We are truly blessed with people we choose to be our family, not like the crazies that we are biologically bound to. I'm glad you have found yours and that they are so GD adorable. What's with not taking the twins for a weekend also so that T and G can have a kidless soiree?

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