Monday, October 02, 2006
What happens when old guys try and party like rock stars....
This is the husband:

Grin and bear it

This is the husband after thinking he is as young (read:ten feet tall and bullet proof) as he used to be:


Serves him right for failing to realize that he cannot soar with the eagles if he is recovering from wallowing in the pig-pen the night before, yes? Exactly. I had my suspicions that the remainder of the weekend might be spent very quietly, accompanied by the sounds of The Leester's snoring, as the phone calls Friday night progressed. And in their progression, got harder to understand due to the slurring.

Am kind and loving wife and actually didn't even try and make him suffer. He had a great time and it was an opportunity to network and talk shop. And also golf. And drink copious amounts of alcohol. And a reason to smoke cigars. And drink some more. All on someone else's dime!! Although I am not sure how much shop can be spoken about when I am sure all the guys there were inebriated!


Blogger Katya said...

Dee! Your husband is really cute! Wow!

Blogger Dee G. said...

Haha...great! Now I am going to have to listen to him tell me that for days, I'm sure!

Actually though, I really think he is as well, in his Bruce Willis sorta way. It's the eyes. Which? Yum. (both the eyes and bruce Willis)

Blogger Katya said...

I also love bruce willis! He looks like a boyfriend I used to have, back in the day.

Anonymous popabare said...

popabare says you are very loving and understading.
your mom was a good example, as i popabare can recall being in the leesters shoes.
and yes it is difficult to fly with the eagles after playing with the pigs all night.
how many popcicles were required to deal with the dehydration ?

Blogger Dee G. said...

He managed to recover the next day, although it was a lazy one for sure! :)

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