Monday, September 11, 2006
Monday, September 11, 2006
It has been five years and unlike millions of other people, I will not be speaking of 9/11 today except to say that I still remember. I do not believe anything else is needed.

The past weekend was enjoyable for the family G, for which I am thankful. We managed a quick jaunt to Universal where I bring you my favorite Leesterism of the week. TL is somewhat directionally challenged. Actually, he absolutely SUCKS at finding places, much to his chagrin and my amusement. So much so that he is no longer allowed to think for himself if we need to get somewhere. He is absolutely forbidden to make the call on his own and must consult with his co-pilot (read:Me), lest he die a slow and painful death.

Take, for example, the trip to Universal Studios and into the parking lot. Each and every time we go there, we discuss the merits of following the clearly laid out directions as to which lot they want us to park in and invariably, TL wants to go the other way, which I invariably talk him out of. Not so, yesterday. He bucked the system and turned instead of going straight. He did so because he wanted to get out of there with ease, but as I informed him would happen, the lot he wanted was blocked off and he was forced to turn around. Now, not being one to say "I told you so." (insert evil laugh here), I looked at him and asked him if he really thought he was ready to be a free thinker or would he maybe be better off just doing as he was told. I could quote, verbatim, what he said in response but I do try and keep this place somewhat PG in nature, so I will refrain.

Anyway, fast-forward to The Family G removing our belongings from one of the many lockers upon our exit from The Mummy. Well, TL couldn't recall which locker number he put them in and the lady behind him felt it necessary to instruct him in the art of opening a locker. I managed not to laugh aloud but as we were walking away I asked him if he really thought he was ready to handle the locker responsibilities. Again, his response was not of the most PG variety so I will let you use your imagination.

Fast forward once again to our exiting the park for the day. TL and The Wee were of one opinion about the whereabouts of our car and I was of another. Without saying anything, I went along with my boys and it turned out that they were in fact right. Well, The Leester took that as an opportunity to impress upon me the fact that perhaps I was not ready to handle the responsibility of the parking garage and maybe being a free-thinker was a little more than I could handle.

I smiled oh so sweetly at him and responded, "No honey, I do not have a penis, being wrong does not bother me."

The Leester turned to The Wee and said: "That's right Will, she has no penis and therefore is used to always being wrong."

*bah dun dun*

The Wee looked at me, high-fived his Dad and issued the requisite "Buuuurn, Mom."

I do believe they have forgotten who cooks their meals, don't you?


Anonymous h said...

How does cold canned soup sound to them?!?!?! Glad you had a great weekend!

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