Wednesday, September 06, 2006
The best of intentions...
I had intended to faithfully update this week and here it is already Wednesday and thus far I showed you a picture of a salad that took all of two minutes to make. It's yummy and everything but puh-lease, right? How lame is that?? I'll tell you. It is LAME-O!

I am feeling rather blah right now, between whatever the H-E-double-hockey-sticks has been ailing me and also with The resident Teenager's health issues. So, in regards to all of that, know that I see the specialist again in the morning, hopefully for a concrete diagnosis and a course of action to do what needs to be done so that I am free of this pain, which oft times is quite debilitating. I mean come on, I am unable to play a game of golf. That, my friends, is simply unacceptable. Give up food? Okay, I can. No issue, there, at least for a little while. Just shave some reserves off my ass and I will be fine. Perhaps my hips while you are at it? It's all good. But the pain is really starting to piss me off.

What has me rather blue today though, after taking The Wee to a follow-up appointment with the pediatric endocrinologist is to find out that all is not exactly well in the world of my boy-child. What I had assumed and had been led to believe regarding the boy wonder, until the tests proved otherwise, was that he was hypoglycemic. Nope, we were wrong. As it turns out he is producing far too much insulin and (as he is genetically predisposed and was one of my very real and biggest fears) he is leaning heavily towards a diagnosis of type II diabetes. His levels were at 123.1 at one stage of the test when anything above higher than 125 is actual diabetes. As his Mommy, this scares me. It worries me when I think of what the future may hold for him and it saddens me that he cant just be like any other kid but instead will be destined to lifelong restrictions as far as diet and exercise. So, that is that. Logically, I know that he could be far worse off and that there are a great number of people that are, anyone with chillun's understands that we just want them not to have to deal with anything unpleasant. So I am sad for him.

So blah. I have a black cloud above my head and I don't feel much like being talked out of it today, thankyouverymuch. Today I just get to be grumpy and bummed out for The Wee.

In other news, The Leester has joined in on an office weight loss challenge from now until Thanksgiving a'la The biggest Loser style, consisting of two teams. (Don't worry honey, you will always be the biggest loser in my books. *snicker*) And as seems to be common with men, he decided to do this and took two steps forward and left behind 4lbs of tubbo. Now that just pisses me off. Why is it that men decide to shed a few pounds and it seems to be as simple as the decision?? Bastard!

I jest, I am proud of him for taking the challenge on and he has been very faithfully hitting the treadmill and such after work and has me controlling his portions for him. Which, why should it be me doing that, you may ask? Well, you see, The Leester is much like a puppy. If it sits before him, he has to eat it. He has no concept. Also, I am the good wifey and it is a labor of love to watch what goes into his cute little face for him. Am loving, like that.

So, there you have it. My world in a nutshell today. Fun, hm?

p.s. My dog has figured out that he can pace back and forth along the kitchen windowsill and thinks he is REALLY the smartest critter to ever walk on four paws. Because he is. Also? The cutest. EVER. See his post if you need proof.


Anonymous h said...

Ok, a few (long) things...We have a niece with type II Diabetes and at only 7 is doing real well with it. I know it would suck and I hope it isn't ever so for Wee, but will be OK regardless. Secondly, I laughed out loud at the fact that Leester will always be the biggest loser in your book! Loved it! Thanks for a much needed laugh. PS...If you decide to really have something shaved off your hips, let me know and we'll do it together! That’s on my wish list. Dang these hips. :o) Keep me posted on your health issue; your golf themed room here is ready and waiting!

Blogger GinaboBina said...

Poor girly. You have had to absorb a lot today...HUGS. I won't try to cheer you since I know that feeling of needing to just be sad or blue sometimes before you pull out your inner strength reserves and move forward with what needs to be done. One thing, in this day and age, its a lot easier to deal with diety type issues with artificial sweetners/sugar alcohols and sugarfree snacks that actually taste GOOD.Also, the internet is a vast recipe guide for new "healthier" twists on old favorites. :)
Hugs Dee,

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