Thursday, September 14, 2006
Procrastination, at its finest.
Because I am the Queen of putting off until tomorrow what I should have done today, I now have no choice but to spend the day at the Florida DMV having my license renewed. After today, it will no longer be valid. Yuck. I hate the DMV. Wish me luck?

I will post an update when I get back. Now you four go play nice, got it?


Blogger Kristen said...

I HATE the FL DMV. I used to HATE the DMV in Jersey when I lived there- but now I realize how bad it can be. When you have to make an APPOINTMENT to actually get in (if they aren't running behind) you know it's bad.

Anonymous Tig said...

I just like the mouth-breathers they hire for "customer service". It takes a special kind of monkey to pass out forms.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the DMV sucks! i don't know anyone whos likes it there. those people who works there are all FUCKING ASSHOLES. i when ever i go there i ALWAYS have a problem well just yesterday i went there to take my driving test, the guy who tested me was a complete jerk. he first tells me that my car is too dirty, then 5 mins into the test he tells me to switch Lanes but the lane i was going to go into was FULL of cars and no one would let me in. so i missed my exit. he then yells at me for being safe and not merging when there was no room for me to do so. then after the test is over he tells me i need to practice more. and that i need to work on speed ... "what do you mean by that" i said. he said "you go to slow" ... the only time i went slow was when i was in a school zone which requires me to go 25 miles and hour. AND a friend of mine failed because she went 35 in the school zone and i failed because i went the posted 25 in a school zone. how can ANYONE ever get there drivers license? WTF why do they have to be soo damn rude? those people who work there act like they are so fucking powerful! i hate those people with a passion!!!! i did everything right but in the end i got scold at and failed my test because why? because the DMV SUCKS ASS!

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