Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Happy Hump Day!
So then...I refrained from posting yesterday after having the endoscopy as I was afraid it would equate to emailing a friend while under the influence of a bottle of Merlot. Just plain old NOT a good idea at any time! Heh.

The endoscopy went. I, unfortunately, am all of a sudden capable of remembering things while sedated, so that is not fun. I also have broken blood vessels around my eyes from the horrid retching involved. Too much info, I know. Just be thankful I am only telling you about it and you did not have to experience it. Yuck. I am not aware of the results per say, but was told to avoid all NSAID's from now on. Also, to call them in a week for the results of the biopsies. So again, I hurry up and wait. in the meantime, I hope they were able to find something definitive. I do not know if the NSAID's are a cause or a result, but I do know that I have a hernia, for one, and diffuse ulcerations of the stomach, duodenum and esophagus. Not fun. Would clearly explain away at least some of the pain I have been in though, right? So that is something!

Also, the doggie, he seems to be markedly better than he was. For this I am a very thankful Dee G! Yaaay! I was extremely worried about the little bugger so that is great news. He is certainly more like his former self today although he does seem to still be favoring his bits and bits. Which every man out there will say "Uhm yeah, of COURSE he is, fool!" to. So heh. It kind of strikes me as funny that even just talking about having my dog neutered makes a grown man cringe in pain.

Kinda makes us girls want to make this topic a normal part of our conversations, doesn't it?

Random person named Jane: "So, Sally, castrate any dogs lately?" *watch all men in proximity cringe and groan.*

Random person named Sally: "Why as a matter of fact, Jane, my uncles cousins daughter had her Sharpei neutered...." *watch all men in the vicinity cringe and groan*

(Note maniacal and vastly amused chuckling of any women within hearing distance)

Oh yes, I DO have a cruel streak....muahahaha....


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