Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Breasts, Breasts And More Breasts!
As you can see, I too am proudly going pink for October.

Beautiful breasts, big and small!

I am totally resisting urges to create a Green Eggs and Ham style post as an ode to the boobage. But? As much fun as that would be? I refrain. Have a little class, shall we? (Yet I wonder what sort of search words will bring people here as a result of this post. It'll be interesting to see.)

October is breast cancer awareness time, people! Even if you have not been directly affected by breast cancer, chances are someone you know has. So please, please, please, do your part to help create awareness! Help raise some money. Donate your services and your time if you cannot afford to donate money.

Early detection is the key!

I have added several PINK LINKS that I urge you to go and see so you, too, can do your part.


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