Friday, October 06, 2006
See? I do it every single time!
I start something yesterday and when I tell you to stay tuned to today for the conclusion, I totally leave you hanging. Take for example the Inaugural Meme that I did when I first started blogging. Have you ever read part two? I thought not. Know why? Because it does not exist! I never finished it! I suck! Go read someone worthy! Someone who will allow you to read the conclusion of things! Someone with an attention span greater than that of a gnat and maybe someone with a little less A.D.D. like tendencies.

What was I saying? Oh..yeah! :P

I just now walked in the door from being out with my little old lady friend this morning. It is much later than I had anticipated being and I have some things I need to get done, so I am pleading with you for mercy. I WILL finish yesterday's post tomorrow morning while the Leester is out golfing. You have my word.

And in regards to The Leester going golfing tomorrow? Yes, that would be HIM going golfing again while I stay home. Let me tell you this, verbatim, how it went down:

The Phone Rings...

TL: Hi babe! How would you like to go golfing with some of the guys from the office? (No, not the cast of the sitcom. That would be cool. An event.)
Me: Hrmmm...Like who hon?
TL: Names off six random people that he works with, including that of his boss.
Me: (Brain working feverishly: What if I have a suck-ass game of golf? What if I do nothing but Hook and Slice, all day long? What if The six guys he works with laugh at me and joke incessantly about my complete lack of skills? What if I *GASP* embarrass my husband with my MAD golfing skills and outplay all of them??) Well hon, how about you go ahead and go and maybe you and I can play on our own on Sunday instead?
TL: You sure hon? I mean, it'd be fun to have you along!
Me: Yes babe, I'm quite sure. You go ahead. Thanks for asking though!
TL: Okay hon, you and I can go Sunday instead, for sure!
Me: Very good, see you after work! Love ya!
TL: (Thinking he had already disconnected the call) Dude! I totally got points for asking AND I get to go golfing. *The sound of high-fives in the background*

Does he really think I didn't see through it? That he isn't transparent? Well, duh! Of course I did. But The Leester was innovative. Creative! A free thinker! Instead of just calling me and asking if it'd be okay with me (Seeing as how he was away last weekend as well, it isn't as though he needs my permission to do things. *snark* yeah right, he totally does. We all know it.), he used his brain.

Well you have done, young Jedi.


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