Thursday, October 05, 2006
The Baby Love. And Also, My Family.
*disclaimer: This is shaping up to be a rather long and drawn out update. Come back later if you don't have time right now, but please do come back. I miss you!*

*Second Disclaimer: This is a REALLY long damn post. So long, in fact, that I am considering splitting it into two, as I fear you are going to end up gnashing your teeth and tearing out your hair while attempting to get through it.*


One of the hardest things about moving to Florida for The family G., and for this member of said family in particular, has been the fact that I no longer have immediate access to the chilluns. I recall saying to the-little-sister-formerly-known-as-Gargamel-but-now-fondly-called-bitchface that I have become to my nieces and nephews what our Great-Aunt Mary and our Auntie Margaret were to us growing up. The Aunt that people hear spoken about (all good of course, duh!) but that the kid's rarely see. The one that flies in occasionally bearing gifts and taking them out to eat and to go shopping and then flies a world away again. It's been tough. Tougher on me than them, I am sure. Well, except for Bitchface's middle one maybe, as I used to take care of him while they were at work every day and for two years after we moved I was the Auntie that walked on water and let him do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. So there. Keep that opinion, middle J, will you? I missed you that much too, my little man!

It is especially tough on this broad when the holidays near. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone, I love you. I will think of you while I am out on the golf course this weekend. Someone eat a piece of pumpkin pie for me, would you please? And also? A turkey bun...mmm. Bitchface, if you do it, I promise I will come up with a much nicer nickname for you. Really. Something like...Queen of the Universe! No really, I promise!

Anyways, enough! This isn't going to be a sad post, because today The Dee is quite hap-hap-happy. Run with it, people, run! Instead, I am going to completely saturate your brains with photo's of all my baby-love. Pictures of the Canadian kidlets and also gorgeous, lovely pictures of the babies here in Florida that I love as though they were my own. And (maybe sadly for them sometimes, cause we are a teensy-tiny bit insane) even some pics of the parental units of those babies that have also become family to us. And perhaps maybe, just maybe, this one pic of our friend G., who completely to the knowledge of our respective spouses, I am having a torrid and illicit love-affair with. If you consider calling each other bitch and high-fiving and acting like idiots love, that is. But he is a hottie in all his tattooed finery. And besides, why else would his wife be finding my pink sunglasses in her vehicle if they didn't end up there as a result of some oh-so-secret rendezvous?? And besides again, I absolutely KNOW my husband pines for his gorgeous wife and my very dear friend T., so it's all good. We are just a little weird like that.

*insert drum roll*

First of all, the babies in Canada, some of whom are now completely and utterly grown. How dare you?! Go back! Run away from the light! Stay young and innocent and smelling like you are fresh from the bath and not stinky and chalk full of the attitudes that make your parents want to wring your neck's sometimes! Do it, or I'll make you sit down and watch a Disney movie with me! Please?!? (Yes, that would be Auntie Dee, begging. I'll buy you something nice if you do!)

First of all, I bring you the baby J. My God to look at this picture makes my heart absolutely stop beating in my chest and break clean in half. The pain? It is physical. Bitchface and The Shig make some PRETTY babies. (I really do need to come up with some different nicknames I guess. I just am not comfortable using people's real names on this vast interweb, so please work with me. I know, for now I'll abbreviate hers to BF, which she will automatically assume I mean to stand for Best friend!) (Ahem, again with too many parentheses)

Katydid and BF came to see me when BF was oh-so preggers and just as sick as sick could be. Later we found out she had pneumonia and had coughed so much and so hard she dislocated ribs. I have never seen anyone in that much pain.

That was the first time I met baby J.
AG Baby 16
The only other time I have laid my eyes on this gorgeous thing was when the Wee and I flew home last summer. I arrived at midnight, and BF informed my parents that they would drop me off at her house, right then. (There may have been a time in BF's life when she was spoiled rotten, being the youngest child, and the lot of us catered to her every whim. That time may indeed, still be taking place. Just maybe though.) My brother-in-law, The Shig, walked down the stairs with that bundle of goodness (although a much bigger boy by the time I flew home) and I stood there and cried. Truth be known, I cry as I type this, he is JUST. THAT. PERFECT. But! BUT! I will NOT be sad today. Baby J showed me exactly who was calling the shots when I leaned in to kiss him goodbye after two weeks and he smacked me square in the face.

This next one is the Baby J as he is today, and seen with Medium J and The Big J. BF and The Shig named them all with names starting with one letter. Can you guess what letter this may be? (Heh. How's that for some creativity, you dork; BF!)


As depicted in this photo, Baby J. is pretty much the Master of their Universe. Which is kind of poetic, really, since how BF is just that much of a brat, too. (Hah! Take that! Karma will in fact bite thee square in the ass for being just that bratty!) Again, this is proof positive that BF and The Shig have some mad baby-making skills. Talk about three gorgeous boys! BEA.U.TI.FUL!

Mine heart has been rendered full and I am not yet a third of the way through the angels that are my nieces and nephews. That, and, my ovaries have just exploded. It is probably a good thing that The Leester stopped the baby-making at just The Wee or we would be over-run with chilluns and all barefoot and grubby and snotty nosed..and perhaps living in a VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER!

Onward, people! Or I will have taken up your entire day with my ramblings. Next, I bring you my nephew Zee-man, whom most of you may recall seeing here previously as we flew him in to spend a couple weeks with The Wee over the summer holidays. Ah yes, the fun we had! Zee-man also has three sisters, three beautiful little creatures that he will spend many years trying to keep in line, I am sure. That and beating up a bunch of boyfriends. Oy! Good luck, Zee-man! I introduce you to my nieces, the fairer bunch, Gorgeous and way too old for her years N., Strong and Wise H. and Youthful-shopper-after-mine-own-heart B. (The pseudonyms are bustin my ass here peeps! Excuse the cheese factor, please. I am trying, alright? Gawd!)


My older, brilliant sister, Katydid, packed up this bunch and took them out for the day to the Zoo and a themepark. She is cool like that and always has been. I dig my Katydid. She and her husband, henceforth known as Uncle Cranky, have always been a constant in the lives of the babies, even when sometimes other external stuff would try and get in the way. The Zee-man and his gorgeous sisters dont all live in the same house, but they sure do love each other and always have Auntie Katydids house as a neutral zone if need be.

Katydid and Uncle Cranky have always had the kind of home where all the neighborhood kids hang out and she has had hand in raising half the bloody town where they live, in the form of The Gidgets friends. this next picture is my oldest nephew, the Gidget. He and his girlfriend/not-girlfriend/bestfriend/friend (Oh my god Ill never keep up with todays youth! What is this world coming to!) Lets just leave it at this: This is my eldest nephew, a member of 'the beautiful people' club.

053106 600

The Gidget came to be the same year I graduated highschool. Yes, he has reached the age of majority. Shut it. It still doesn't make me old, so there. He is one of those beautiful people that you love to hate as he is absolutely sweet and kind and brilliant. No, I am not the proud Auntie at all, am I?

Now, before I move along to my two other nephews I give you this next picture, my own parental units, Lizzie-bits and The Captain. It seems only right that I show them here as it is their legacy you have seen up to this point. It is a true measure of a persons worth when faced not with their riches or possessions, but with the legacy they will one day leave behind. Not that they are like, dying or something, but you know what I mean. Then again, if they dont one day just. stop. nagging. me. I. am. almost. forty. years. old. dammit, they might just. Die, I mean! (Of course I jest. Mostly.)(Also, emotional guy known as my Dad. You can stop crying now)


This one was taken while vacationing here in Florida, on a day trip to Mt. Dora (which is totally not a mountain at all because hey, this is Florida, duh!), where my Mom's heart might just live.

I have not shown you pictures of my siblings, as sadly I do not have anything very current. One day soon I will be sure and change that. For now though, I want to introduce you to the other two little people that I miss on a daily basis, my nephews on The Leesters side.

I give you The Football Star! The Football Star is about as funny as anyone I have ever met. He has an awesome sense of humor and is a great deal of fun to spend time with. He and The Wee are two peas in a pod and given half a chance I am certain could get into a world of trouble together. I hope to be able to have him come spend a couple weeks here with us next summer but have yet to talk to my dear sister-in-law about it yet. Our fingers are crossed though!


Brother to The Football Star and a Star in his own right, this next picture is my nephew Jay-Man. Jay-Man astounds me. He is studious and quiet, serious at times when others are full of piss and vinegar and is always observant. The Jay-Man will grow up to greatness, I am certain. He is the kind of kid that observes everything and takes it all in, reserving judgement and often comment until later. This picture does not show him very closely but to me, it captures his spirit.


We dont see them nearly often enough.

Well, guess what? I've had enough for today. This little exercise has taxed me emotionally and while I am not sad, I am wistful. I would love to take them all and wrap them in my arms and at times, never let them go. So for now I will end this. Please stay tuned for tomorrow's update, when I will introduce you to my Florida babies and their family, whom I have adopted as my own. Without their permission, even. But they get it, their parents.

Not only that, but they deserve their own post.


Blogger Attention Whore said...

You have a beautiful family of kidlets Dee! I'm sure you are always the 'Cool' aunt that has the blog and always has gum and the one they will come to when they require birth control and such..
Me...I have no hope of being the cool aunt. My brother is 39 going on seventeen and I do not believe any kidlets are in his near or far future. Mind you - my uncle had his FIRST baby at 46, so there is hope.
From one Canuck to another - Happy Thanksgiving...I shall eat a whole turkey for you, and some stuffing, and pie and a few turkey buns....mmm, I'm hungry

Blogger Dee G. said...

Aww, thanks chiclet! By the way, I totally linked to you.


Anonymous Sidney said...

What beautiful children! I guess I'm the cool auntie too. I have five nieces and one baby nephew on the way. They come to me for advice on clothes and, boys usually..."teenagers." But, heck, Im not the expert ask my husband! Love your blog! Will visit you again soon!

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