Sunday, October 15, 2006
T-Shirt Slogans and Some Seriously Funny Shit.
Well, as I mentioned yesterday, The Family G. spent the day at Universal Studios. Which, I must say, was entirely awesome. We spent the day putting on the miles as we walked from ride to ride and from park to park. It would be interesting to know just how many miles. Perhaps next time I will wear a pedometer so I can know for sure. Regardless, it is nice to get out there and walk, even nicer when the day was a balmy 82 degrees and we never broke a sweat (Which we certainly do in the summer months. So much so that we walk around with face towels so we can constantly mop our brows). The morning even started a cool 65 degrees, a rarity for here in O-town.

One thing you can count on when you travel to these theme parks is a plethora of tourists (she says, stating the entirely too obvious...durrr) and with them, a vast array of fashion. And NON-fashion. My word!! The shit that some people will wear, for whatever reason escapes me. One thing I find amusing though is the collection of T-shirt slogans you can see through the course of the day. Some of the few seen yesterday:

1.) 'My Indian name is Runs with Beer'. I LOVED that T-shirt slogan. For some reason this one totally hit the funny bone for me. I even commented to the guy about it, as he was right in line ahead of us and ended up riding Dr. Doom's free fall with The Family G. Pleasant guy, from Texas, here on business for the weekend and brought his family along. Great, great shirt. Especially seen on an average looking business man who is having fun with his family! Definitely my favorite of the day.

2.) 'You had me at Hell No'. You have to appreciate the play on the well-known Zellwegger line, with this one. This was worn by a short little Italian dude that was with a group of people at 'Cigarz', The Leester's favorite joint since quitting smoking. The T-shirt guy seemed a little full of himself, but obviously had a sense of humor, with the self deprecating qualities of the shirt.

3.) 'Let's Meat Up'. This one was actually in The Fossil store, but I thought it was funny as hell, as on it were cartoon pictures of sandwich meat, a hot dog and a hamburger patty. Funny! Ha! Small things amuse small minds, indeed.

4.)'Canadians are Eh-holes'. I finally saw it on someone! I have loved this slogan since I first stumbled upon it months ago, but just don't have the nerve to wear it. It is friggin hilarious! I think that I would have a right to wear it, as a Canadian in exile, with full knowledge of the slang and how much we got busted on for using it when we first moved here. I refrain though, as I do not wish people to think I would wear it in order to be derogatory to Canadians or Canada, because I love both; obviously.

5.)This next one I had to speed read as the kid was walking by as I caught it. And I emphasize kid. 'I offered my honor. She honored my offer. So the rest of the night I was offer and honor'. Okay, this is where I get bitchy people, so avert your delicate eyes. Number one, the kid looked younger than my own. What friggin parent in their right mind allows a young boy to wear a T-Shirt like this?? My Son would first of all remove the shirt and watch it destroyed. He would then secondly get the lecture he would have coming, about respect of both himself and others. Thirdly, he would cancel his plans for the day, as I would place him on restriction as punishment. So there you have it. I am not really a hard ass about much, but that one hit a nerve with me. I mean, The Wee has a T-shirt I love, which is pink and reads: Keep laughing, this is your girlfriends T-Shirt. Which? Obviously implies pretty much the same thing, but it doesn't use the word honor. It doesn't laugh in the face of what I expect my son to be like with his future girlfriends. If that makes sense? If not, then just never mind, I've kind of resorted to babbling here anyways.

There were also the expected slew of 'Very Sexy', 'So Hot', 'Too Good For You' shirts, which I find are always pretty much found on the least sexy people. I have decided that I would like to find a T-Shirt that is designed to look like the aforementioned but instead reads 'Very Bitchy'. The Leester figured that'd be a Gooder as well. Maybe even fitting?

Alright, enough about the T-Shirt slogans..I've lost interest. First though, my favorite of the day! Well, it wasn't even a T-Shirt, but hear me out. there was this young man (Eminem look-alike type) wearing a very obviously brand new Volcom Hoody. A very nice one, at that. He and his girlfriend were sitting at Cigarz with a friend and I noticed that he still had the hanging tag on it. have to wonder, is this something they do on purpose anymore? Is it something I should point out? What to do, what to do. I waited till his girlfriend and friend left the table for whatever reason and I leaned over and said, "I don't mean to be a nosey neighbor, or if you did it intentionally, but you still have a sales tag attached to your sweater." (Yes, I know he bought it, the bag was right there. Quit being such a pessimist and thinking he five-fingered it!) Well, he turned to me and smiled, thanked me and removed the tag, replying, "Wow, thank-you! I just bought it. That could have been very embarrassing. I appreciate it!" So, while he could have told me to F-off or mind my own business for getting in his face, he was polite and very pleasant. I was pleased.

The Leester always accuses me of making friends with everybody, anytime we go anywhere. I am guilty as charged. Not of making friendships with strangers, per say, but of striking up conversations. I will ALWAYS say hello to someone even when passing in the street. If someone drives by in my neighborhood, I always wave. If someone is in front of me in a line and makes eye contact, I am talking to that person. If someone has a name tag that is in the service industry, I will always address that person by name. Why? I don't know, I just always have, I guess. One thing I have found though, is it serves entirely my need for social interaction. I am perfectly content to spend my time with either my family or by myself. Does that make me reclusive or odd? I'm curious. I have found, too, that the older I get; the less desire or need I have to make friends with people. Hmmmn..I wonder if that means I will end up the crazy old lady in the neighborhood with 27 cats.

ANYWAY! Onto the seriously funny shit I promised you! OH MY GOD! The Leester and I are still laughing about it, anytime we mention it. Classic, classic stuff.

Actually, you know what? It's going to have to wait until tomorrow. I have to make a Tee-Time. But! I promise it'll be tomorrow and that by tomorrow I mean Monday, October 16th and not October 23rd.

Promise! Now, I'm going golfing. Ciao, peeps!


Blogger Attention Whore said...

You were pleased with the politeness becasue you are Canadian. You make friends with strangers becasue you are Canadian. You are worried about offending other Canadians by wearing the "eh-hole" shirt becasue YOU.ARE.CANADIAN. I love you becasue you are Canadian.
Wow - feeling veddy veddy patriotic today. Must be becasue it God Damned SNOWED this morning. Nothing makes you feel more Canadian than that.

Blogger Attention Whore said...

And apparently I'm a MORON because I cannot spell BECAUSE to save my life.

Blogger Dee G. said...

You just type fast. Id change it for you if I knew how, but I dont. :P

Anonymous Carrisa said...

gee thanks for stringing us along and then ditching before you got to the really funny part.

Hurry up and post it already!

Anonymous H said...

I just have to use this opportunity to tell you about my favorite 2 recently seen t-shirts and maybe give you a laugh in return... one was on a 25-35 year old man and had a HUGE elephant on it and it said, "Hung like a Republican"!!! The other was on a male toddler, yes seriously, and it said, "Hung like a 6 year old". Geez, does that speak badly of me that both have to do with male parts? I swear that's a coincidence!!!

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