Monday, October 30, 2006
Home of the Long Weekend Absences!
Wow! Nary a word since Wednesday. If I were you, I'd break up with me. I'm like the proverbial bad date that promises to call and then doesn't, instead leaving you doubting your self worth and wondering what you. did. wrong. Rest assured dear Internet, it's not you, it's me. It's just that I have recently come out of a long term relationship and I am not ready to fully commit....

If you were anything like I was in my dating years (Which? Not so good at. I was really BAD at dating, as a matter of fact, but that is a different story entirely), that was about the time I would start to hear "blah blah blah, I am an unworthy piece of shit who is basically trying to snow you into believing otherwise yada, yada, yada" and stopped listening entirely. Goodbye! About the only thing I did completely right during my dating career was never turn backwards. My standard closing line was: "Okay, you get to do this once. There will be no turning back. I do not play that way." There were 763 things I certainly did wrong during that time of my life but I absolutely refused to be the chick begging the boy to come back. I was a proud reject, if nothing else!

So, what does all of that drivel have to do with the content of today's insight and profound knowledge? Absolutely Squat, that's what. Okay? Okay good, I'm glad we got to share.

Well, not really squat, I guess..the point of all that *points to the above text* was commitment. A new commitment.

November is, ready for this? NABLOPOMO. Say what?? I know, right? Like the Internet didn't force us to swallow seventy bajillion retarded acronyms already, we make more! (If you say it really fast several times though, it sounds kinda dirty, which is kinda fun.) It is short for National Blog Posting Month. It is offered as an alternative to NaNoWriMo. Are you scratching your heads yet? Feel free to click on the offered links, they will do the explaining for me. Which? Grand idea, for this lazy ass.

At any rate, I am hoping that by committing to this I can force myself, my gnat-like attention span included, to commit to writing AND posting; one entry, every day for a month.

Lucky you. At least I have refrained from doing what my blogging buddies are doing, which is posting a new picture of themselves each and every day for a year over on flickr. Imagine. 365 versions of me. Are your eyes bleeding at the mere thought yet? Mine would be! It is physically painful for me to stand still for one picture, let alone one daily. UGH!


Blogger RSM said...

I'll never break up with you. I just can't quit you.

Blogger Attention Whore said...

Okay lady - bout time you were back...been golfing in the sunshine? Just so you know...snowed like a FOOT here this weekend. Don't you miss it?
A post per day? Good luck on that. I can see it now -
Day 1: Golfed. comments?
Day 2 - Golfed again. comments?
Day 3 - Went to Starbucks, golfed. comments?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What long term relationship??????


Blogger Katya said...

Yeah, I know you miss here. You're all "damn, I want some snow". Well you're welcome to my winter wonderland any time.

And good luck with that posting every day thing. I'm going to do it too, I've just got to upload the picture into my sidebar. :)

Anonymous Peggy said...

Yeah uhm... good luck with that.


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