Wednesday, October 25, 2006
The Art of Parenting a Thirteen Year Old Boy.
While straining pasta (perfectly al dente, of course) to be added to tonights fare of homemade soup and chatting with the prodigy about his day:

Me: Any homework? Hrmm..I probably should have undercooked this a bit, for the sake of the soup.

Him: Nope, no homework. It's like the teachers know they are getting a half-butt attempt on short days anyway, so they dont bother. I like playing with noodles.

Me: *arched brow* (homework comment or noodle play being the reason? I'll let you decide.)

Him: Oooh, that sounded kinda bad, Mom. Oops. *Insert teenaged chuckle*

Me: Better be careful or I will blog that!

Him: No! Dont!

Me: Yup! So gonna blog about you playing with your noodle!

Him: Noodle? I said Anaconda.


Blogger Attention Whore said...

"I said Anaconda"
OMG! He's hilarious.
How could you possibly resist blogging that one?

Blogger Katya said...

Oy! It starts at such a young age, doesn't it. Hilarious!

Blogger mackeydoodle said...

LMAO!!! That is so something my son or hubby would say!!

Anonymous popabare said...

I wonder where He gets his sense of humor

Blogger K said...

HAHAHA! He's hilarious!

Blogger davido said...

Ha! So does your son get totally miffed if you read his xanga/myspace/blog? I posted a comment on my daughter's Xanga and she was completely humiliated. Ugh! Dad read my xanga!

D--here's your "cool kid" stamp for today: X
(collect 'em!)

Anonymous Peggy said...

I'm here for ya, Babe :P

Anonymous Peggy said...

Oh! guess what? I'm in Central Fl too. My design site is but my blog is

Blogger Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I'm visiting by way of the NaBloPoMo site.

I had to comment on this post because it makes me cringe as to what my household will become once I have two of those there. Thankfully, it's still another 10 years away;>

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