Monday, November 27, 2006
Interactive Blogging At It's Finest..
Or alternately, the post in which I have NOTHING, so I plead for your help. Topic? What is a topic? I'm drawing a blank here people. So please, help a girl out? Ask me any (and as many) question(s) as you'd like and I will answer in the form of a blog post. Anything at all. Leave your questions anon, if you choose, or own them. I'll give you the straight poop.

I do ask, however, that you understand my need to keep the comments moderated so I can peruse the questions asked and decide if they are suitable for a very general audience. Thank you!

In the meantime, riddle me this.. This weekend I made The Leester watch Titanic with me. Also, I made him do this:
The Love, it is without many conditions.
Does his man card get revoked today, or is he simply on probation?

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with boundless reasons to be thankful and that any travellers not only made it home safely but well rested. Psshhaw. We all know the likelihood of that last bit. rest? What is this rest of which you speak??


Anonymous h said...

Yes, Man Card for him. Period.

Blogger Attention Whore said...

Comment puss.
Uhm, how bout you tell us who your favourite blogger is? MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME...haha
What is the most unique thing you've found in Florida and what are the biggest misconceptions about Canadians in Florida?

Anonymous steen said...

OOOOOOH, I want to play!

How long have you and the manthing been married?

Why Florida?

What's your biggest regret in life?

What gives your life purpose (besides golf)?

What's your favorite kind of pie?

Anonymous Carrisa said...

I would like to know what music is in your ipod right now. Like if you were to put it on shuffle, what would the first five songs be?

Anonymous Beka said...

If you could only wear one outfit in your closet for the rest of your life, what would it be? :)

Blogger Kim said...

Ummmm creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Tropical or Decidious Trees? Favorite Holiday Memory? Do you like Egg Nog?

Blogger Katya said...

When you take a holiday, do you go somewhere cold (to escape the heat)?

Have you ever been to Alaska/Northern Canada?

What do you think about the school system? Are you a public school supporter? If you had the money, would you put Wee in private school? Do you think that homeschooling would be good for anyone? Did you see the Dr. Phil show about the parents who were un-schooling their kids? Do you think that the "system" failed kids who fall into a life of crime?

What is your favourite Florida-native animal? What's your favourite ride at Universal? How about Disneyworld?

Do you miss Alberta? Are you going to come back home one day? What is it that you like most about where you live (besides the year round golf)? What are your true feelings about the US? What are your true feelings about their government style and the current president?

Is that enough?

Anonymous chelle said...

Hows it going? Ypu naven't wrote anything for awhile so I miss the question vlog untill today. So here are my questions for you.....

Do you miss being cold?

How is your tan?

When are you coming home for a vist again?

Do you miss me?

Do you think that you have changed since you moved to the sunshine state?

I can't think of anything elese right know.

Anonymous h said...

I want to know about your tats. Where, when, why. And yes, dirty minds, that is meant to be an "A", not any other letter.

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