Sunday, November 12, 2006
Red Neck Disney
Well, Disney has finally done it. They have made the first official redneck animated movie. For those of you that haven't seen it, I am referring to the movie 'Cars' and believe me, it just doesn't get more red necked than that! Picture, if you will, a NASCAR themed cartoon that brings you guest appearances from the likes of Dale Jr., Richard Petty and Darryl Waltrip; to name just a few.


The premise is that the selfish car, 'Lightning McQueen', must make it cross-country to the 'Piston Cup' race after a mishap and in the quest to do so, learns all about friendship. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Cute? Perhaps, but much like every other film Disney has done. Pixar does great work, of course, so I always enjoy watching them for that reason alone. The attention to detail is astounding. It is also an occasion where I can manage to get the prodigy to sit with his parents for almost two hours and hang out with us. An occurrence growing more rare by the day.

Anyone who has lived anywhere near the South understands that NASCAR fans around here are a breed of their own. I am not sure if it is a geographical thing or not, perhaps it is Countrywide, but certainly around here, they are somewhat...passionate about things. You can tell them coming by the number stickers attached to their vehicles, and oft by the rebel flags tucked into the window or incorporated somehow via bumper sticker, t-shirt or license plate frame. Sometimes the gun-rack in the rear window of their half-ton truck is the key noticeable feature and dead giveaway.

Watching the movie 'Cars' was hilarious. They made it so well, with so many things true to life that it had me laughing. The motor homes, in the center of the track, depicted as wearing beer-hats? Funny stuff! The one pictured as though floating in a blow-up swimming pool, cold beer in hand and cooler close by? A scream! You hear people call in to our local talk radio station after the big race weekends talking about exactly that. Imagine it. A funky-assed pool, no chemicals or circulation, a bunch of drunk strangers coming by and asking if they can take a dip, all weekend long! And don't picture a small pool here, picture your typical above ground semi-permanent one. The bigger, the better. A status symbol, if you will. Doesn't it make you want to bring yours? To rush out and attend a drunken event? Yeah, I thought not.

Although I have never been to a NASCAR race and well, don't intend to go, The Leester and The Wee went to the Daytona 500. Tickets obtained by me when the grocery store I frequent gave them to me. They claim it was an experience. A loud one, but very cool to see just the same. I think I stayed home and got a pedicure or something.

Blame me?

*disclaimer: When I use the term redneck, it is not used as a slight. Anyone that is familiar with the breed understands it is a label worn with pride. And honestly? They are a breed, all their own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Dee, is it true about the pools? Really?
First class tailgatin,right? What a blast. Can't beat America for doin it all!!


Blogger Attention Whore said...

I love Pixar movies.
Pedicure?!??! You let someone touch your FEET? ACCCCCKK.
Can't do it, won't do it...really need to do it, but....NO!

Blogger Deanna said...

Mom, I absolutely swear. They fill above ground pools for the weekend and it becomes a community bathing/swimming area. Imagine. Brown sludgy water filled with drunk people who havent bathed all weekend.

I envision much puking and grossness. The standing joke on the radio station...well, I am sure you can imagine.

Red Neck Soup! (I just came up with that one. Am funny as hell.)


Blogger Christine said...

I actually have not seen this movie yet.

But my stepmom's brother-in-law is a total redneck, complete with big bushy mustache and a passion for Bud Light, and he's the most hardcore NASCAR fan I've ever seen.

Anonymous chelle said...

THe rednek thing, that is my whole faimly of in laws love them to bits and the more I am around the more I love Mator!!!

Blogger Tig said...

*Directs your attention to the "Redneck's Have More Fun" post at my blog.*

Being redneck more than a status, it's a priveledge. We get more from life than any other kind of person on Earth because of we put into it. Work hard, play hard. Yeah television usually shows rednecks as some no-toothed rube from Backwater, Mississippi that eats possum and screws his daughter, that's a far cry from the reality of millions of honest, God fearing good old boys that built our country and are damn proud of it. Yee-haw.

Blogger Deanna said...

You did see the disclaimer, correct? Also, I speak not of Texan rednecks (of which my experience is limited to, but...ya ever been to Georgia?

Just sayin....


Anonymous Momma said...

Hey, y'all, don't forget the Alberta rednecks, of which you know there are many! (and with whom you grew up with and your mommas horror)

And don't forget your own great-great grandparents, rednecks for sure, who so proudly pioneered and built America (working hard on the rail lines goin west...and playing hard too)

Seems strange you don't qualify to immigrate....hmm?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeh, and the rednecks from the backwater of nova scotia have the same rep as the rednecks from the backwater of Mississippi

Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out the cool redneck stickers at

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