Thursday, November 09, 2006
Jive Talkin....
Well, after all the interest in the contents of the Drawer of Doom, it saddens me to report that I was referring to nothing more than the knife drawer in my kitchen. The one that The Leester makes me sign a disclaimer for before opening, if he lets me use it at all, because I am so accident prone. Okay, well not quite that bad, but I am rather clumsy. I do wish it was more interesting than that though!

Katya, you are crazy, if you actually enjoy having your legs waxed! The thing is though, here in FL, where shops are a dime a dozen? It's all of twenty bucks to have it done. Crazy, right? When referring to the experience as religious it was more along the lines of:

*wax on, cloth strip on, riiiiiiip*


*wax on, cloth strip on, riiiiiiip*


*wax on, cloth strip on, riiiiiiip*


*wax on, cloth strip on, riiiiiiip*


*wax on, cloth strip on, riiiiiiip*


*wax on, cloth strip on, riiiiiiip*


So you see, not so much my thing. It HURT. A LOT. Kind of like how having the hair at your temples pulled hurts. Or hitting your knee-cap on the edge of a table hurts. Or the ever-loving funny bone smash hurts. the end result, however, is awesome. So much so, that in the name of vanity, I will do it again. And again. And even again. Because what could be better than a little self torture if it means not having to shave the legs??

p.s. Kimba, you are to be thanked for todays title. I woke up this morning and it was finally gone, but after reading your comment it is back. I hereby pass the Bee-Gee's and their Jive Talkin back to you for the day.


Blogger Katya said...

Was it the first time you got it done? That always hurts the worst.

If you have a good esthetician, she knows how to do it so it doesn't hurt quite as much (usually with a cold compress right after, takes the sting out).

I would much rather get my legs done than my va-jayjay. That hurt a heck of a lot more (but I have to say, that the smoothness? Is the best feeling ever!).

To get a full leg and bikini wax here, it's about $80. ::sigh:: Too much to do every month, or else I would.

Anonymous carrisa said...

Dee, you got gmail? If not we need you to... the gmail girls are relying on you.

carrisablog at gmail dot com

Blogger Tig said...

This is why women have the babies. If it hurts a guy, he stops. If showering hurt we'd quit...most of us quit anyway but for different reasons. I like the hair on my legs. It took me 34 years to grow it. I had to have my lower stomach area shaved for my appendectomy. I cried. I stopped crying when they explained to me I was going to be dead in 30 minutes if I didn't shut the hell up and breathe the gas.

Anonymous lilsis said...

hey bananahead... not that your waxing story isn't totally riveting or anything...but please that kenneth cole bag on flickr?please find and send me some lovely bags?please?dont make me beg.pleasepleaseplease a brown one and a black one.pleasepleaseplease gorgeous bags must be completely outlawed here because ive been looking for threaten to come steal yours,but you probably would love that.pleasepleaseplease

Blogger Teena said...

I've only had my eye brows waxed and that hurt enough :)

Anonymous chelle said...

Since when do you have enough hair on your legs to wax. Thats why it hurt so much Silly Girl!!!!

Blogger Kim said...

AAAAHHHH! That's it- no more Bee Gee's. Okay, maybe Stayin' Alive.

Blogger \m/ MadMom \m/ said...

Aggghhhh, that hurts! I never did my legs, but did my arms once. that hurt like a mother trucker! I dont know why i did that anyway, i have very little hair on my arms and its so light its almost invisible. but it did hurt. i dont even like getting my eyebrows done. the tweezing!! cant stand it!!! but im sure your legs are really smooth now!

Anonymous alyndabear said...

Yipes. I'm too chicken to ever get it done. I'll stick to shaving. =X

Blogger Attention Whore said...

So much for posting everyday....LOSER....
but I love ya.

Blogger Christine said...

I'm still terrified to get ANYthing waxed.

I haven't ever had my eyebrows done. Tweezing them induces a zen-like state for me. Plus, it hurts a hell of a lot less. Although I bought a waxing kit to maybe experiment with. But only on my eyebrows.

I really want to get a Brazilian wax but I've heard they don't offer anesthetics for that so, um, no way.

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