Saturday, November 04, 2006
Saturday, What a Day.
Sometimes, I am awed by the ways The Leester is able to surprise me, making me feel absolutely cherished. No occasion, just because.
Pretty in Pink
Needless to say, someone gets high marks in the husband books today.
Right now though, that very someone is sitting with his feet up, after partaking of far too much food at Crazy Buffet.
The Wee asked his Dad if the roses were his way of thanking me for going and having my legs waxed.

Asking both of them to be gentlemen on the same day would be too much. That sort of thing only happens on Christmas.


Anonymous Peggy said...

You are the second person to mention the Crazy Buffet. I said that it reminds me of the MJ morning show, do you listen to that? I hear the commercial for the Crazy Buffet all the time. I really want to go - NOW! haha

Blogger Dee G. said...

Peggy, it is SO good. You have to go!

Blogger Marianne said... sweet!
You are a lucky gal!

Blogger Jippy said...

looks like a nice evening out. Your Wee is hilarious.

Blogger Katya said...

Ha ha ha! Wee always has the best comments.

Blogger Teena said...

Your flowers are beautiful!

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