Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Sometimes I am overwhelmed if I spend too much time thinking about all that is wrong in the world. All of the pain and suffering, all of the weary and downtrodden, all of the starvation, loneliness, abused and mistreated. It hurts me, to be aware that I cannot make enough changes to make a difference. That I am unable to solve the small problems, let alone the world's problems. That people hurt, all the time.

And then my Dad sends me something like this, reducing me to tears first thing in the morning (thanks Dad...I have a rep to protect you know!) and I realize that sometimes it is about focusing on the smaller picture. Seeing where the changes need to begin.

*Music By Sick Puppies*

See how easy it can be? What will you do, today, to make a difference?

If you are eligible, get out there and vote. Please? Do your part to make the difference that way. Those of us that don't have that right wait anxiously to be able to do so. Your vote IS the way to make a difference where it counts.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, where I will return to being my snarky-assed self. Promise.


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Anonymous chelle said...

This was not the day to see this but I think it is wonderful. More people should hug. I do!!

Blogger Kristen said...

Hey I dropped by from RSM and wanted to say hey to a fellow Floridian (I hate that word). How about another person from Florida? Much better. So hey.

Blogger Katya said...

I love that video. Did you see the interview about making the video? And how he was told that giving free hugs was illegal? (this is in Australia) Due to insurance issues? Anyway, that's what the petition was for - to allow him to give out free hugs.

Blogger Tig said...

We were out until 830pm standing in line waiting to vote. I've done my civic duty...and it was a bitch. God bless America.

Darlin' we all do what we can in this world. If you stop to help one person, and I know you do, you help the world in turn. You can't see the effect, but it's there.

That said, I wouldn't hug that guy if he was giving out money. Something about a grown man asking for hugs...yeesh.

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