Wednesday, November 15, 2006
The Theory of Natural Selection.
Ripped from the headlines. *Que Law & Order theme music*

The Orlando Sentinel

You know, call me cold and callous, but I have a VERY hard time feeling anything but anger for situations like this, when found floating in the general location of the boat are two child-sized life vests, zippers closed; indicating they were not in use. When the parents report seeing the missing eight year old struggling to get into one of them as the fishing boat was sinking. I understand and sympathize with how heartbroken these parents must be. Truly, I do. I cannot even begin to imagine the level of pain I would feel, or even if it is something I could ever get beyond; were I to lose my child. I am amazed that the father managed to swim as far as he did, his three month old child held above his head. I do not doubt for a minute their love for their children or their intent, but it leaves me scratching my head when it is made known that those very parents took three small children out on a boat without lifejackets.

What the hell? Does that not scream preventable to you? Or very likely so? Certainly, it would have greatly increased their chances of survival. I would imagine they will spend the rest of their lives wondering the very same thing. Tragedy, in it's most true form.

I have little patience for the most basic stupidities. People that refuse to implement safety devices as a means of protecting the lives of themselves and those in their care unable to make such a decision on their own, for whatever reason? Well, they piss me off. It doesn't get much simpler than self preservation, in my opinion.

It is heartbreaking. Sure, you have some that argue that it infringes on their rights. That in many cases it would have ended their life instead of save it. SHUT UP!! They are LAWS for a reason. GAWD!

Which brings me to today's astute observations.

I am a Christian. I am certainly not the best Christian, by any means, but I believe in creation. I believe in God, as the Creator. I believe in intelligent design, absolutely, because I believe in God's intelligence. One can argue for days, weeks, months and even years about theology and I welcome you to have your own beliefs. One cannot, however, argue with Darwin's theory of natural selection.. because let me tell you, it is absolutely evident. And if you disagree? Let me help you along.

The guy you inevitably read about who is holding up traffic for many hours on the Golden Gate bridge, threatening to jump? Dude. Here, lemme help you along.


Dont waste my time. If you are going to do it, do it. To me, natural selection at it's finest. Survival of the fittest and all that.


Anonymous h said...

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap (applause).

Blogger Attention Whore said...

Harsh Bitch
Like I said....twins.

Blogger Radioactive Jam said...

Little "late" on this one, having just wandered in, but - my wife and I had pretty much the same reaction you did. Preventable to say the least.

Worst case, the parents never bothered to even try getting the kids to wear life jackets. Even if they tried but gave up, shame on them. Most kids don't like wearing life jackets. Too bad! Not. Optional.

Still sad, though.

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