Sunday, November 19, 2006
United 93
The Leester and I watched this movie tonight, and here we are. The Wee couldn't join us, and that is okay. I understand. It scares him.

I know that by the time I post this it will be tomorrow, and that bugs me, but whaddya do. Except I don't know how to change the, what do you do? On 09/11/01, The Leester and I were busy opening our first bank account in the United States, with the very same bank we deal with today. The lady we dealt with informed us that a small pane had flown into the World Trade Center, just minutes before. If only she knew. If only WE knew! The Leester and I looked at each other, wondering what the hell. We continued on with our business and then The Leester went to work and I went home. I met with my friend Mary at my apartment and continued on as normal, the kids at school and us two, doing our thing, which was usually diet coke and shooting the breeze. Curious, I turned the TV onto CNN and was mortified. To this Canadian girl, it was beyond my comprehension. The World Trade Center, gone? The Pentagon, compromised? United flight 93, crashed into a field somewhere in Pennsylvania?? Beyond my comprehension, truly. Canada is and always has been a peace loving country, as is the United States, but the difference is Canada has never really been a prime target. We just don't do this, honestly. It is beyond the realm of possibilities, to think an enemy would hijack planes and kill thousands, in the name of jihad. Call me naive, sure. Call me ignorant, I agree. Call me stupid, okay! But honestly, Canada hasn't really had the kinds of enemies the United States has, so although it may not be justified, it should be understandable. There we were, three thousand miles from all we knew and loved, wondering if we had made the biggest mistake of our lives. Fielding calls from our families, wondering how we were. Glued to the TV, as was the rest of the world, until it became just too much. I had to force myself to turn it off.

My friend Jeannie was to fly and see us, that very day. Needless to say, she never arrived. Her flight was delayed, for days. I tried to explain to my family and friends that we were okay and not to worry; although in those first few hours I wondered if there would come a time that I would dig through the rubble to find my child at his school. After all, we lived where the President was that day, visiting an elementary school. Until I could no longer stand it and just went ahead and brought him home for the day.

My eyes were opened. I have never felt more pain in my life, mourning for those lost. I still mourn them today, and every day.

I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding the making of these movies, people wondering if it is callous. Wondering where the profit goes. I personally think that if they help people to remember and be aware, then they are beneficial.


Anonymous popabare said...

your too young to remember the Quebec crisis when those warped bastards thought it was cute to put bombs in mail boxes.
Or thought it would benefit there cause to kidnap and murder diplomats. Our PM invoked the War Measures Act to deal with the problem.
This is not said to make light of our AMERICAN FRIENDS and the wars WE fight in the name of Democracy.
Don't ever live in fear, GOD will prevail....

Blogger \m/ MadMom \m/ said...

I live in NYC and was in the city on 9/11. I think these movies have been made way too soon. just my opinion. its still very hard, even 5 years later.

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