Tuesday, November 28, 2006
Some Answers..
First of all, a major shout out to the friends inside the box, for taking the time to ask. My friends and family outside the box? NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

Today, I'll answer the easier ones, because I am inherently lazy and the hour is getting late.

Beka-- While The Leester would love, love, LOVE for me to answer your question (If I had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of my life, what would it be) with something akin to this:
yeah right. Bwahaha..the likelihood of that happening? NOT! Sorry babe! If I could only wear one thing forever and ever, it would be more along the lines of this:
Afterall, I'd have to be comfortable. I can just hear him gnashing his teeth now. He loves my whole 'Jammies' collection to death. Really.

*edited to add: Neither of these exist in my closet, just FYI. Much to The Leester's chagrin.*

Kim asked if I preferred creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Tropical or Deciduous Trees? Favorite Holiday Memory? Do you like Egg Nog?

Well Kim, I definitely prefer smooth peanut butter but will eat the crunchy without complaint. Just so long as there is peanut butter. Tropical trees come first, any day of the year. Tropical anything. One of the things I loved most initially upon moving to Florida was how lush and green everything is, with plants growing from the ground that we as Canadians struggle to keep alive indoors. It is still something that pleases me today. I really like the idea of egg nog more than the egg nog itself. If I drink egg nog I have to mix it with skim milk as it is way too thick on it's own for my taste. My ideal egg nog is generously spiked with spiced rum.

Just ask the Captain, he will tell you!

More answers tomorrow and I promise, I'll tackle some that require thought.

Again to the family and friends outside the box? You suck. Ask me some questions, dammit! Some of you haven't seen me for as long as six years! Surely there are things you might be curious about?? I love you too, ya bastages!

As an aside, this is for my LilSis, also know as BF, or Bitchface. You shall hereafter be known as Molly in Bloggyworld. If you care to know the reasoning behind it, try picking up the phone and calling me. If you can schedule it in between being a hockey Mom and all that, of course.


Anonymous Molly(!?!?!?) said...

sshhhh...I'm @ work don't tell anyone I'm commenting. Here is my question....why is Molly your favorite sister...we all know she is(hahaha).

I'm thinking about a question you dumb girl...keep telling me I suck & you'll be in trouble.

Blogger Attention Whore said...

Lazy, lazy, lazy...you beg for questions and then don't even answer them...I quit you...as if I have the willpower to do that.

Anonymous h said...

K, meanie...I added a question to yesterday's comments.

Anonymous Momma said...

h, this is for you,

I think the tats are to bug her momma


Anonymous h said...


I only have one and it bugs my momma, although that is not why I got it! :o)

Come to FL soon!


Blogger Kimba said...

i agree on the nog issue- much too thick. egg nog lattes at starbucks sounded good but in reality? not so much. pumpkin spice lattes are much better. damn, now i want starbucks and wish even harder this cast was off so i could drive!

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