Thursday, November 30, 2006
Tattoos and Tunes
Otherwise known as the post that my parents will have absolutely NO interest in.

Carrisa asked what the first five songs on my iPod were, in the shuffle rotation.

They are:

1. Best of My life
Rilo Kiley
Takeoffs & Landings

2. Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of this Song
Fall Out Boy
From Under The Cork Tree

3. Alcohol
Barenaked Ladies

4. Soundeffects And Overdramatics
The Used
In Love and Death

5. The Good Times Are Killing Me
Modest Mouse
Good News for People Who Love Bad News

H asked about my tattoos, the quantity, time line and content. My mother will tell you I got them just to dig the knife in her side in a little deeper. Give it a twist and remind her of the pain and anxiety I caused them in my younger years. Oh hell, who am I kidding, she is probably right, on some level. After all, if it weren't so, I probably wouldn't have felt the need to hide them from my parents for nine (count them, nine) years. Who me, spineless? To you I say, Pshaw!

As seen in this photo I have several on my feet. (You love my feet Dare, they are beautiful and you know it.)
Happy feet

My first tattoo is the one with the moon and stars on my right foot, which I got back before the prodigy was so much as a glimpse. I got that one with my cousin Mike (RIP), when he got one; Woodstock, of the Peanuts variety, on his arm. My second was the vine on my left foot, which has purple flowers. I have NO idea why I allowed the dude to put purple in it, because I hate, loathe and detest the color purple so much that it induces rage. HATE. Yet I like the tattoo a lot. It is one of my favorites. My third tattoo is of a Celtic heart, it is on my tailbone. More on that shortly. My fourth tattoo was my ultimate favorite, but it didn't last. I went against the tattoo guru's advice and got it on the bottom of my foot, after being told that the skin there regenerates at such a rate that they could not guarantee permanence. It was of a short lived Maple leaf. I think I had it a total of about 3 months before it faded from view forever.

Let me see here. Fast forward a time until The Leester and I got matching tattoos (aww, how sweet) of an Ankh, with each of our zodiacs at the North, East and South points of the cross, signifying the eternal aspect of the family we chose to create. (For those not in the know, The Leester chose the prodigy and I as a package deal and he has raised the prodigy as his own for many years. I heart him, really a lot. Have I made that known? He has given us a life that would have forever been beyond my capabilities without him and is truly a wonderful man, father and husband. Color this girl thankful and lucky, even when I tease about him and pretend to poison him...(the bastard) Enough on that one now, that story gets its own post, in the form of the answer to Steens questions.)

The next of the inky goodness comes in the form of the happy face on my big toe. I got that the same day that I got the one that is also the completion of the tattoo on my back, which is a very intricate Celtic knot work that I designed. That one is cool and I love it alot, although I hate that in the years since I got it, it has become the trendiest place for tattoos and that the area is oh-so-fondly known as a 'tramp stamp'. Grrrr. My claim to fame with that one is it was done by Ozzy's tattoo guy.

Shall I go on? I jest, that is all of them, at this point. I guarantee to you that my Mom has read up till now and is pretty much having apoplectic fits. I love you Mommy! Hehehe. Kind of like a train-wreck. You know it is horrible but yet you cant look away. That pretty much sums up how much My mom loves my tattoos.

My Dad? Also having read this would say something to this effect:

"Do not mistakenly assume my silence is approval." He would have a very tight-lipped, straight face and possibly a certain vein in his forehead slightly bulging as he worked his jaw muscles. This is a look I knew all to well, growing up. Tis a good thing that the parental love is of the unconditional variety, because Lord knows I pushed the envelope.

Until tomorrow, my friends;


Blogger Attention Whore said...

I have really had enough of your freaking hideous feet missy!!

You love to torture me and it MUST.STOP.NOW....or I'm leaving.


I am....

Watch me go....

Blogger Attention Whore said...

Just letting you know I tagged you for a meme on my latest post.

Anonymous papabare said...

As I said to you Bro when he came home with his earring, its a damn good thing thier not hanging pianos from their noses.

But now even that would be TRENDY with all the Piercing that takes place.


Anonymous chelle said...

I was there the day you came home with your first tat and I reamember the first thing you said was "I can never go barefoot in front of my parents again"!! HAHA You didn't for along time untill you "grew up". You are crazy.
I could never understand why they never said anything about your socks and sandles.

Blogger Dee G. said...

hahahaha...I never stooped quite that low Chelle, but I'll tell you that it was hot as hell in the summer, always wearing socks and sneakers.

Thats probably why I hate socks so much :P

Anonymous steen said...

I had no idea you had tattoos! How nifty!

Anonymous Molly said...

sshhh...I'm at work again...I love my job.

If you could have 1 thing for Christmas what would it be? What do you think you will actually be getting?


Blogger Kim said...

1) I love the song "The Good Times are Killing Me" by Modest Mouse. I feel like it describes my life at the moment since the kids are slowly draining my life force day by day. I really won't mind too much if they get tattoos though- as long as they aren't shitty ones.
2) YOU TATTOED THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FOOT? Woman, you are insane. That had to hurt.
3) Ha Ha you have a tramp stamp.

Blogger Katya said...

I'm totally making fun of your tramp stamp. But I will still respect you and all that stuff too. As long as I can stay at your house when I come to visit! :P

Anonymous Carrisa said...

Dee is such a rebel with all her ink. Too bad you couldn't show us pics of your other ones... but then I guess this is a PG blog huh?

Blogger \m/ MadMom \m/ said...

i like the moon and stars tat. I have 2 tats, my latest is on my right foot also, and im about to get my 3rd and maybe work asdded to my first. they really are addicting.

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