Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Giving A Shout Out To Those (far) More Talented Than I
Last time I updated, I promised to share with you some of my daily reads, the very ones which distract me from my own sorry little space on this vast Internet. They are varied, for sure. I hope you enjoy.

Without further ado, I bring you that which entertains...

Rock Star Mommy. Invariably, I am amused by her wit and scathing sense of humor. K has become a friend over the course of the past year or so, through interaction on her blog, via email and a crazy group of women bloggers that somehow developed a friendship outside (and because of) her blog, of which I am a part of. One day, hopefully this June, I will have the opportunity to meet this "Cuboreankraut" dynamo. She tries to come across as all hard-assed and rock star, but in reality she is a clearly devoted wife and mother who has overcome more than her fair share of hardship. Granted, allot of it was self induced over the years on the way to growing up, but she has come through it nicely. Just don't tell her I made any mention of her being anything but hardcore, alright?

Mimi Smartypants. I forget how I stumbled across this blog but it brings the humor. Always entertaining, Mimi writes her blog extremely well and is a published author, I believe as a direct result of what started here. Talented, this one.

Greek Tragedy. Stephanie Klein, the author of this blog, has oft been compared to Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and The City fame; as she regales you with stories of mating and dating in NYC after an ugly divorce. She is also a published author as a result of hard work and the fame brought by blogging, (or infamy, as some would profess) and is currently working on her second book and a sitcom for one of the major networks. Now married and the mother to (GORGEOUS) twins, the past few years of Stephanie's life has read like an interactive soap opera and has made for some great reading.

Amalah. This was the first blog I ever had the pleasure of reading and I still read it daily. The girl is funny, witty and more than just a little crazy. She also authors or co-authors several other blogs, all of which you can link to on her blog.

That is a sampling of some of the more entertaining ones that I read regularly. If you are so inclined, you can click on the highlighted names to take you to each, I am sure you'll find something there that will make you smile.

And now, I'll share with you a couple that are amazingly written, poignant, humbling and share more than a little of life's struggles. I am reminded to be thankful for each and every one of life's blessings when I read these. Enjoy.

From The Mountain Top. Here you will find an extremely well written and heartfelt account of what life is like as the mother of a micro-preemie as Christy shares with you her son Elias. She is an amazing person with an amazing set of circumstances that brings to light a lot of things that most people would never give thought to. I am always uplifted by her writing and really cant speak highly enough about her. Her son, Elias, is quite possibly one of the most gorgeous little guys you will ever lay eyes on. You are guaranteed to take something of value with you when you read her thoughts.

Dan and Leanne. Although I have very recently discovered this blog, it is one that I check daily for updates. It is an account of one young family's struggles with lymphoma and is very seriously the best written and most touching blog I have read to date. Dan's accounts of life since his wife's diagnosis and the love that is conveyed through his writing will bring you to your knees with grief and with hope for them. You really must go read it. And if you are of the praying variety, please do so for this family. I do so, daily.

A Woman Of many Parts. Another harrowing story of life with cancer, Minerva's blog will make you eternally grateful for everything you take for granted. Well written and always educational, this gives you a different insight about a disease that affects so many people. I forget how I came across this blog but again, it is one I check daily and another person I pray for continually.

I will leave you with those for now, I hope you derive some of the same things that I do from them. Enjoy.

In other news, let me share with you what NOT to do when attempting to sear a roast. trust me.


That, my friends, is a nice little burn as a result of smoking hot oil splashing onto my arm. And I didn't even cuss. But only because I was on the phone with my Mom when it happened. Please disregard entirely the extremely unattractive view of the inside crook of my right elbow.

Until next time....


Blogger Minerva said...

Hey Deanna,
What lovely things to say about my writing and all the best for your blog... I like several of the other blogs you have highlighted too...

Best of luck,


Anonymous Momma said...

Did you have to let your father see the picture of that arm? Have you learned NOTHING?

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