Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Spring Has Sprung
Spring has sprung,
The grass is ris'
I wonder where the birdies is....

It occurs to me today that I have truly become that suburban housewife that I used to lament, when an indication that all is right with the world is the twice (not once, but TWICE!) weekly, fully-automated garbage pick-up and bi-weekly recyclables (also fully-automated) pick-up. Oh the joy that is derived by the husband's wheeling out of the handy dandy, city supplied, neat and tidy garbage barrel.

Ah yes. Bliss I tell you, true bliss. Gone are the days of the underpaid and overworked laborers who toss the can every which way, oft times in the middle of the street and/or breaking the lid after emptying them into the back of the truck.

Gone. Like a bad storm having blown through my tidy little Stepford neighborhood.

In its stead, you see this:


All the same, all set on the curb according to the mandate dictated by the city I live in.

How sad is it that it is a source of pleasure for me?

I mean really.

And don't you even get me STARTED on the twinge of annoyance I feel every time I pass my front door from inside and am met with the glaring faux pas that is this:


Can you imagine? Look at the size of that mess of a spot that was left on my beloved driveway by someones vehicle! How can you see anything BUT that black offending spot of doom?

My world is truly off its axis.

In a perfect world, God would send down the cleansing rains to rid my driveway of this offense:


And this one:


Whatever will I do? What WILL the neighbors think??


*Note to self: Get a freakin life.*


Blogger Attention Whore said...

Your Momma cracks me up!
I see where your wicked sense of haha comes from.
And yes, if a dark spot on your driveway and garbage containers is your daily stree/joy need to go to school or golfing..or SOMETHING.

Again - life is not the same...just sayin'

Blogger Attention Whore said...

*stress - my hand is numb..cannot type properly

Anonymous h said...


I'm so sorry to post it on here, but I am at my mom's and don't remember your email address to type it out and email you about it...Sha passed away yesterday morning. I had just visited with him the night before, for which I am thankful. I think it's in today's O.S. obits...Hooper is the last name. If you want, email me and I will tell you more. I just thought you'd want to know. He is exactly where he wants to be...with Honey!

Anonymous h said...

By the way (on the subject of your post)...I couldn't believe the HUGE garbage/recycle cans when I saw them! And the truck that empties them! How'd my little old hometown (your new town) get so modern?!?! :o)

Anonymous h said...

Sorry, I'll be in tomorrow's O.S.

Please feel free to delete this and my first post once you read them! Sorry.

Blogger Kait said...

Dee, if you were still in Canada, I would tell you to rush down to Canadian Tire to pick up some driveway cleaner. That stuff works wonders on oil!

I totally understand the upset-ness over the spills, though. If my car leaks, I won't park on anyone's driveway, just in case it makes them upset! :)

Anonymous chelle said...

Oh where has my little Dee gone you have blowen away in the warm Florida wind!!! LOL PUKE!!

Anonymous Momma said...

How about trying Mr Clean Extra Power All Surfaces Spray? My word, y'all, please get rid of that stain before we get there in 44 days!!!

Anonymous h said...


How did the Leester do in Daytona with his car stereo thing-a-ma-bobby? :o) I'm sure he'll LOVE me calling it that!!!

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