Thursday, February 22, 2007
The Good and The Really Phoque-ing Annoying...
The Good: When I see a glimpse of the Oldilocks I fell in love with and she is able to regale me with tales of her history, a smile on her face and a spring in her step.

The Bad: When the dementia kicks in and she does shit like refuse to go get her hair done by "Some Foreigner".

The Bad: My husbands springtime obsession with his car, in getting ready for the Spring Break Nationals car audio competition.

The Good: When I see that he has a dead battery from leaving the ignition turned on while phoque-ing around with his stereo (and forgetting to turn the key off) and his boss at work is forced to give him a boost. (The justice, she is poetic.)

The Good: The sound of a gaggle of teen aged boys, playing a four-way head to head game of something or other on XBox in the prodigies room and knowing that my kid has made some really great friends. Also good, the fact that these other kids are respectful, nice kids who enjoy being here and are comfortable enough in my home to be here after school every day, instead of me wondering what my son is up to.

The Bad: My grocery bill, in keeping them in after school snacks. (I'm really not complaining though, because it is everything I want, as a Mom. I strive to be the family with the house they gather at. It makes me feel accomplished and successful.)

The Bad: How I cant seem to keep the edge out of my voice sometimes when I am on the phone with my Mom, because I know hearing me vent can be very hard on her spirit. Which is kind, loving, giving and thoughtful. I can be a HUGE pain in the ass, and I know when shit spews out of my mouth, it is a burden on her. Yet I cant seem to control it.

The Good: How she never judges me for it, keeps me real in speaking the truth, even when I DON'T want to hear it and mostly; how much better I ALWAYS feel after talking to her, even though I am not going to admit it to her. What are you, phoque-ing crazy??

The Good: Golf. Need I say more?

The Bad: That I wont be doing any this weekend.

And before you all think I have forgotten, which I haven't, the letter of the day is 'H'.

My favorite H thing? My friend....well, H; for the sake of her anonymity. She was indeed my first friend here in Florida and is the true epitome of the Southern Belle. She is sweet and funny and kind. She is a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter and Granddaughter and excels at all of them. She is fiercely loyal and caring. She is a big enough person to admit her errors and make them the time she pulled the ultimate in rebellion and ran off and married her childhood boyfriend, without the approval of wellllll..anyone (and much to the chagrin of those who loved her, but cut her some slack, she was very young and very foolhardy, at the time). Some wouldn't have recovered so eloquently from the fallout, but she climbed back out of the trenches, somewhat broken and bruised; and made life better for her and her son. She is a wonderful person and although I don't see her nearly as often as I would choose, I love her dearly and think of her often. She is the kind of friend that you can go months without hearing from and then pick up as though not a day has passed. I feel blessed to have her in my corner.

I love you H. *muah*

And the very, very best? The comments left by my beloved family and friends after my last post. When I ask them not to follow-up, they rally around me and just let me know they are here when I need them, even if they skirt the subject with silliness. I love you guys.

P.S. If I am forced to see anything else about Britney Spears or Anna Nicole Smith, I will gladly gouge my eyes out with a phoque-ing butter knife. Anna Nicole Smith makes me very sad and I alternate between wanting to hug Britney and bitch-slap her. The poor kid.

That is all. BUH-BYE for now.


Anonymous momma said...

Who says I don't judge? You drive me phoque'n nuts

Blogger Dee G. said...


The old girl, she is funny.

Anonymous h said...

You phoque-ing made me cry. Thanks! I love you too, Dee. So glad to be called your first FL friend! I loved that you called me a Southern Belle, since my goal in life is to be as Honey-ish as I possibly can (only you will get that!). Thank you. Also? I'm about to pee myself laughing at the whole "phoque-ing" thing. How's that for Southern Belle-ish? Why, why, why did I not know about that spelling before now?!?!

Blogger Tig said...

The Good: A crazy Canadian chick that has been one of my bestest friends ever for about seven years now.

The Bad: It's been seven years! Where does it all go! *cry*

The Ugly: She never phoque-ing buzzes me anymore and I gotta come here to make sure she didn't go ape-shit and pull off one of those mass-slayings that will land her on the headlines of nightly news with video footage of her being stuffed in car handcuffed by cops while she screams at the top of her lungs "I told them not to phoque with me, eh?"

Anonymous best Auntie said...

You know what comes after Oldilocks... the three bears. Could that be your Mom, Dad, and me (I'll be the one by the pool tanning my wrinkley, sagging body, sipping a bud, puffin on a Marlboro)Cause you give such excellent elder care, where else would we go when Paradise Canyon will no longer have us (sorry Pat)
Your aren't done with dementia yet!! Something else to think about as you wonder what to get your Mom for Mothers day!!
P.S When is Auntie's Day?

Anonymous momma said...

I know, H! I can hardly write the word let alone speak it! What a shock to live in the Arctic for five years, where there are seals aplenty, and where everyone speaks French, and where the French word for seal is ...really....phoque. Nope, I never spoke the word once!

Anonymous Molly said...

I love TIG...really...can you have more than one husband? Is that legal? cause he makes me laugh alot??!?!

Anonymous popbare said...

I thought yor mom was a lady,
We tried to raise all our girls as ladies.
Now Im sure Oldilocks is the only Lady ive ever met.
Oh yes H also

Anonymous momma said...

My word, I thot I would croak laughing when I read TIG this morning (eh)

Blogger Dee G. said...

It would appear that perhaps my sister and Mom can appreciate the finer points of Tig, my favorite redneck.

Who could blame me for befriending him? Though I hate to break it to ya Tex, it's been more like 9 yrs.

That makes one of us old and the other not very far behind. If you are a gentlemen, youll hush about which one is which.

Anonymous h said...

I love Momma and Poppa!!! Momma, you are hilarious in your own right. I see where Dee gets it! Dee, how'd ya' get so phoque-ing lucky in the parental department?!?!!?

And Tig, I have GOT to know this one. Rolling with laughter at that!

Anonymous h said...

I love Momma and Poppa!!! Momma, you are hilarious in your own right. I see where Dee gets it! Dee, how'd ya' get so phoque-ing lucky in the parental department?!?!!?

And Tig, I have GOT to know this one. Rolling with laughter at that!

Anonymous h said...

Curse this phoque-ing comment poster! I swear I only clicked it once!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Tig said...

Well it just goes to show that your friendship has made time fly. *squeeze*

That and whiskey...lots of whiskey.

And I'm flattered by the recent cheers but, believe me, I'm that one friend everyone has that makes everyone else ask, "Where the heck did you meet THAT guy and how soon until he leaves?"

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