Friday, February 02, 2007
F, You Too
Miss me? The week has been busy, busy, with mucho running around. The Prodigy has required lab work, in anticipation of his next appointment with the pediatric (I know, seems weird that he sees a Doctor with the word pediatric in his title when The Prodigy is bigger than a lot of fully grown men) endocrinologist and since we have moved to the back forty (seriously, easily an hour commute (factoring in morning traffic, since they were fasting labs and it would have been cruel to make him wait till it was convenient for me) either way to the stupid lab our insurance requires us to go to) it is a trip that I cant just dash out and make. Imagine how pleased I was when that very lab called me informing me they had done the wrong tests and could I please bring him back the following day. Yeah. So wipe out two mornings, right there. Factor in the old ladies demands and I haven't had much free time.

So, here we are. Happy Friday and a great big 'F' to you.

I had initially thought to rave about my beloved FAMILY, namely my spouse, but since he saw fit to start my day by pissing me off prior to 6:30 this morning (after yet ANOTHER call before 5:00 in the morning that was a wrong number, when the person on the dialing end didn't really believe it was a wrong number and I was forced to stand there and explain to her, through my half asleep haze, all the while Oldilocks is on the extension in her bedroom rapidly repeating "Hello, hello, hello, hello" over. and. over., thereby slowing the whole process and ensuring that I was wide awake at 4:45am and didn't doze off again until after my. beloved. F-ing. husbands. alarm. clock. went. off.)and I am feeling rather stabby right now; this post sure isn't going to be about him. So there is that.

Probably best that I leave that F'er right out of this post altogether from here on...

I could speak about my FRIENDS, but I am not so great in that department, since mostly I like to be left alone and am quite comfortable maintaining said friendships via this here fancy-schmancy-magic-box that I am typing on.

Let me see....FOOD? Nah, I suppose not.

FLORIDA. I hear the sun still shines here today, although not in my portion of the State of that very claim to fame. There is only room for ONE ray of F'ing sunshine in my immediate vicinity and that, my friends, would be me.

And on that note? Have a nice F'ing weekend. See you Monday, if not before.


Blogger Lee said...

I really F'n love you.

Blogger Attention Whore said...

I F'n love you too, although I love your husband more for commenting even when you are stabby.

Anonymous momma said...

omigawd, I (french seal-spelled "phoque") luv it

Anonymous popabare said...

i tried so hard to raise as a lady, and now your mom is acting like you.
hep me jesus!!!!

Anonymous Chelle said...

It is always good when the man you are bashing starts the comments for the day with I LOVE YOU! Have a good F'n weekend.

Oh hey when you get your phone time from your son.... HAHA try and phone me!!!!

It is ok popabare and momma you did a wounderful job at trying to make her a lady but you can only do so much and the reat is up to her!!!! HAHAHAHA


Blogger Kimblahg said...

You could have done Frog since you have a froggie on your page. Or fondue, fanta and fried chicken.

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