Monday, January 22, 2007
Tell me why I dont like Mondays...
My friend H had a suggestion for bloggage, 26 things from A-Z to be thankful for. Sounds like a plan. Too keep it from becoming too saccharine I believe I will compound that theme with 26 things from A-Z that piss me off. Watch for that then, yes?

Also, this is post number 104 on this blog. My friend Dare just posted her list of 100 things as it was her 100th post. Shall I bore you to tears and make you grind through 105 nonsensical factoids about me for my 105th? (Not to imply that Dare is boring and that her 100 things were nonsensical but frankly...heh. I jest, Dare, really.)

I am weary today. Woe is me. This life of Mondays on the golf is too much to bear. *swoon*

Yeah right! My life kicks some serious ass. Even if I am the last in line for the shower when there is company about. In. my. own. damn. house.

Friggin company! They are like fish. After three days, they start to stink.

We went for a bite to eat after we finished our round of golf (the round in which I could not break 100) and The Hubs decided to have a jerk chicken sandwich. So, whilst waiting for his food he turns to me and states: "They should call it the bitch chicken sandwich. Then you could order it too."

If you happen to see his face on the back of a milk carton, trust that his demise was painful. ;)


Blogger Tig said...

No, officer, I haven't seen her in years. I wouldn't know where to find her. She did what to her husband? I didn't know a sandwich would fit there.

Anonymous h said...

I LOVE your twist on my suggestion! It is so YOU! :o) Can't wait...I'll be watching for the letters to begin! Sorry you didn't break 100 today, but hey, you are FAB after not too long of a time and after growing up constantly around the game and then marrying right into the same consistency, I have mad respect for you! I only play putt putt! I am a chicken at the driving range with my men!

Anonymous momma said...

oh, did I tell you we made our reservations to come there in May, for one month? snicker................................
oh, right, we have our own place. You can relax now.

Love momma and poppa

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