Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Oh wow, an update...of sorts.
How is it that I can be offline for more than two weeks, be in the midst of huge changes for The Family G, set everything and everyone upside down and on it's ear and still have jack shit to write about, you ask?

Because I am just THAT good.

Actually, I am finding myself quite overwhelmed by all of it, but in a good way. This house is beyond big, it is ridiculous, yet there seems to be a plethora of things that have yet to find a proper home and we seem to be struggling for room. There is something seriously wrong with that, if you ask me. Ah well, it'll come. That is what I keep telling myself. My little old lady friend that now lives with us is very confused and off-kilter, and I worry for her well being. I am hoping she will settle in nicely but it is a series of huge changes for her and she is pretty cranky. I can only imagine, though, how she must be feeling with all of this. Her memory is failing her (after a stroke last February, for those who were unaware) and she keeps trying to make everything exactly like she had it in the apartment she moved out of. An impossible feat, truly. I have tried to replicate her bedroom and living room for her and so far I am doing pretty good, I think. I sure hope she will be okay!

The Prodigy and The Hubs are coping with the changes very well and are certainly doing their part. The Hubs has taken it upon himself to entertain her by doing jigsaw puzzles with her, which is a study in the absurd, considering her eyesight is failing and she just sits there staring at the pieces. I tease him, asking if he is attempting to bore her to death. She is happy to have the company though and we have completed one of the LOST puzzles. I too have been bitten by the bug, it is a wild concoction of collage type pictures that hold hidden clues to the TV show, for those interested. It comes jumbled in the box with no picture for reference so it takes effort. It makes it double challenging when every time Little Old lady gets up she drags about 5 pieces onto the floor with the sleeves of her cardigan, which Divot loves to chew!

Divot also LOVES to swim, almost as much as The Prodigy does. Thankfully, he doesn't go in the pool without the boy, but every time the boy jumps in, so does the dog. It totally cracks me up.

On that note, here are some pictures, more to follow of the interior of the house, once I get it in a suitable state to be photographed!

The Swimmers
Will In The Water

Now that The Prodigy is back in school and the holiday season is past us, expect more frequent posts. I promise.


Blogger steen said...

Yay! You'll have to send me your secret location (if it's different than the one I already have) so I can stalk you --- or figure out where we can meet up for drinks! Maybe, like, the weekend of the 19th? I'll have to make sure we don't have anything going on (sigh) and that YOU don't have anything going on either.

Blogger Katya said...

Hey... is that your pool at your own house? I kind of hate you a little bit right now.

Blogger Kimblahg said...

i'm drooling at your fancy new pool. i didn't realize you had a lil old lady friend living with you- i think i love you even more now!

Anonymous h said...

I'm glad things are SLOWLY settling for you, Dee!

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