Tuesday, December 05, 2006
December's To Do List
December 5-15th: Pack our 1700 sq ft. apt, make sure my little neighbors exact same apartment is also packed.

December 14, 15: Move what we can on our own, being careful not to step on little old lady in the process, as I am certain she will be underfoot.

December 16th: Coreograph moving company to move both apartments into the new place, still trying to keep little old lady out from underfoot of movers, keep dog from losing it completely in the process.

December 17-22nd: Unpack contents of both apartments into new house, trying to appease little old lady as much as possible so that I dont have to compromise the set-up of new place too much. Try not to be too much of a bitch to the easy targets, namely husband and son.

December 22-24th: Set up Christmas tree and decorate house to imply some semblance of normalcy around the holiday season. Shop for Christmas gifts, plan Christmas dinner and finalize details of said holiday.

December 5-22nd: Locate elusive Christmas spirit and beat it into submission.

December 25th: Smile and attempt to enjoy the day for all the right reasons. Look around new home and at family and appreciate all my blessings. Spend many hours on phone with sisters and parents back in Canada.

December 26th: Avoid any shopping establishment like the plague.

December 27-31st. Orchestrate trip to J-ville to spend time with friends there for birthday and New years.

Jan 1: Self Destruct.

Do wish me luck, wont you? Also, be prepared to read sporadic posts, at best?


Anonymous h said...

"Locate elusive Christmas spirit and beat it into submission."
"December 26th: Avoid any shopping establishment like the plague."
Amen, and Amen! I'm feeling you on both of those.

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