Wednesday, December 13, 2006
That For Which I Shall Surely Burn....
No, not that; this! I invite you to view the contents of my freezer. Which? If not sinful is surely criminal.


Dear Cholesterol and Heart Health:
Please have mercy on this poor family. I promise this is very temporary and will cease just as soon as we are finished moving. It is just that the kitchen is entirely packed, save for some paper plates and this crap. We shall continue with the nice, healthy, homemade foods just as soon as we are settled. I promise.


Anonymous momma said...

But your boys will love this food, isn't that right!!!

Soooo important to keep them happy

Blogger m.bradford said...

Impressive. My freezer now consists of hot-dogs from Sept'05, Neatly seperated packs of ground beef, an empty Pizza Pops package, green peas (from a visit by good ole mom) and two credit cards.
Not AS fun - but I thought I'd share.

Blogger Kait said...

Can I come and eat at your house?

I'm totally living off of HotStuffs right now, which are like hotpockets, because I am too lazy to cook, but I have to eat.

Blogger Attention Whore said...

No wonder you haven't asked what's for supper's all planned out. You are SO Martha Stewart.

Blogger steen said...

Holy crap, those burritos look HEAVENLY.

Anonymous h said...

"December 17-22nd: Unpack contents of both apartments into new house, trying to appease little old lady as much as possible so that I dont have to compromise the set-up of new place too much. Try not to be too much of a bitch to the easy targets, namely husband and son."

Hope it's all going well. I know it's a stressful time without the big move in addition! Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and missing your humor. Here's hoping that you won't be eating nuked frozen goodies too much longer!

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