Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Because I promised, today's gratitude is brought to you by the letter B. And the number 2. Since this is some kind of record lately, my posting two days in a row. Yeah, yeah, I know. Bite me. At any rate...



I HEART babies. ALL babies. Cute ones, ugly ones, short ones, fat ones, nappy ones. There is little in life than is cuter than a baby. Baby ANYTHING, be it human, canine or amphibian. Okay, well maybe not spiders. Even baby spiders are bad. But other than that? Babies are good.

The B I like least?

The fact that my only BABY is growing up so fast. I wish I could freeze time and just keep him like this for a while. He is changing so rapidly and becoming this man. All things good and bad about being a man. Like the appetite. And the size. And the attitude. And the stinky man farts.

Okay, so maybe that last bit was too much info. Cope.

Also, I'm digging the letter B today for the word brown. Which is the color I am currently dying my hair. Goodbye for now, redhead. Welcome to the world of brunette. I'll post pictures later, barring any unforeseen disasters, of course.

I do have to say though, that anywhere that sells hair dye should refuse to sell it to people with really long hair on principle alone. It is a COMPLETE pain in the ass to self dye hair when it gets to a certain length. Too bad I am too much of a cheapskate to pay someone upwards of $175.00 to do it for me.

My bad.


Anonymous h said...

I'm a cheapskate (when it comes to paying someone to dye my hair) with long hair, so I get it. I just have to buy 2 boxes! :o) My gorgeous blond sister just went totally brunette. Let me know how you like it!

Anonymous Carrisa said...

Dude, if they charge $175 for haircolor where you live then you need to move! I don't even think our ritzy salons charge that much for highlights.

I'm so glad my sister does hair.

Now hurry up and post some pics already!

Blogger Attention Whore said...

B as in BEER?
B as in BOYS?
B as in BIFFS....

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