Tuesday, January 30, 2007
What Color Is The Sky In Your World?
My favorite 'E' thing is my friend DARE! And she can be the 'E' thing because I said so and sometimes, that sky is whatever color I make it. Because *I* rule my world, not you! You're not the boss of me! So there!

Daaaaare sent me the single most amazing care package in the world (which? the shipping? It may have cut drastically into her kids college funds because OH. MY. GOD. $40.00!!!!!), which I received yesterday; the very bleak and cold Monday that it was. She totally made my day and set off a string of very unlikely positives that I am entirely convinced wouldn't have happened, otherwise. Things like my regular old ATM (which is now a 45 minute drive away)being temporarily out of service which led me to a banking facility much closer to where I live now and saving me a helluva drive (since our bank is in J-Ville and there were very few shared ATM's to accept deposits, hence the long-assed drive and countless frustration of having to deal with traffic), which put me next to a store where I found the coolest accessories for my office, which I never would have happened across otherwise. See? The coolest! She is like, totally magic. Just don't piss her off or she will unleash her mad Ninja skillz on you and you. will. pay. Don't say I didn't warn you.

She also just recently got a major role in the Vagina Monologues so if you go visit her at her blog she will talk to you about the Big 'O'. What more can you ask for?

So Dare-ee-oh, cheers to you my friend! I pink puffy heart you!

As an aside, you can click the picture and it'll take you to my Flickr page where you can read the details of what was in it. But just let me say this...Tim Hortons coffee. On what has proved to be one of the coldest mornings in Florida for a year. She planned it. I'm tellin ya...Ninja skills.

Only the BEST care package EVER.


Blogger Attention Whore said...

I am a ninja...
I am magic...
I am indeed your twin...
And lady...this is just bribery so I can lay about your pool with PMS and make you schlep me Skinny Pirates while Gadget and The Prodigy bond over Xbox and the Leester feeds me curling tips.

Anonymous momma said...

Thank GOD I gave Dare up at birth. Just having one of you nearly did ME in......;o(

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