Friday, February 16, 2007
And On The Seventh Day, He Rested.
The Leester and I decided that having a three-car garage and barely being able to park one car in it because of the random CRAP (by my definition, a car audio/fiberglass/upholstery work shop by his) that is in there is a problem. So, in our infinite wisdom, we decided to clear out some of the random crap not directly related to his current project by putting it up on Craigslist.

The Good News?

God is very interested in the 15 gallons of wall paint that we have sitting in the garage in three, 5 gallon pails. So much so that we have been offered a tax deduction receipt if we will so kindly donate it to a church that is moving to a new building and needs a face lift.

The Leester's suggestion?

Tell God we are Jewish.

See, I so much as type it and I laugh to the point that tears stream down my face because it is just SO funny on SO many levels. (All of them wrong, I know.) But the dude seriously cracks. my. shit. up.

Am I going to go to hell for saying God and shit in the same post?

Anyway...all joking aside, God gets the paint. For free. That is just some mojo you don't want to mess with. Assuming that the church in question holds the same core beliefs held by Christians, of course. Cause no other god is getting free paint from me. That is just how I roll.


Anonymous Momma said...

He cracks me up too, seriously.

Eleven more weeks before we step onto the train in Shelby. Don"t worry, we still have the condo for 3 weeks. ;o)

Blogger Tig said...

But is it Kosher paint?

Blogger Carrisa said...

Yay for donating the paint! I believe that you did the right thing, though your hubs comment was hilarious. I believe God has a sense of humor as well. And I bet that church is really excited to get the paint. In my family we like to call that "planting a seed" so by you donating all that paint you are planting a see for something bigger and better to come along.

Like... a trip to BlogHer? Does that somehow equate to that? Here's hoping!

Blogger Attention Whore said...

Not even an ounce for Allah? A pint for Buddha? A droplet for Zeus? Greedy bitch.

Blogger Kait said...

Ha ha ha! I'm sure that the church really appreciates the paint. It can be hard to renovate a church because the money that comes in often goes right out the door again, by paying the pastor and for any programs they might otherwise have! :)

Anyway, did you make buckets of money off your other stuff? :P

Anonymous rebecca said...

I was in line forEVER behind a woman at a washington DC-area Home Depot last night who was in a swivet about whether or not the Ralph Lauren paint was kosher. She didn't seem to be kidding. She seemed very rich and Paris Hilton-vacant so I suspect someone made this up just to mess with her , but before I mocked i thought I'd look it up to make sure it wasn't a real thing and hit your post. Made my day, very funny. Randomly, my mom's church in Leesburg, FL got some paint off craig's list last month. That would be a weird coincidence.

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