Tuesday, March 06, 2007
So, how do you like them apples?
When The Leester and I made the decision to move the family G., it was very much about The Adventure!, The Change!, The Life!

(insert random scoffing and laughter at THOSE PEOPLE who get caught in the rut that is the day to day grind and never branch out to see what life has to offer. We would NEVER be come THOSE PEOPLE, dammit. We would not die within a thirty mile radius of all we knew, nose to the grindstone and barely existing.).

It was done basically on a whim because we discovered quite by accident that we could. We had heard about the Canadian brain drain to the USA and figured, what the hell? So, I put together a resume for my beloved and fired it out there. I tossed SO much shit figuring that the more wall you hit, the more likely you are to receive a response.

Well, within something like two weeks, he had 110 interested hits. Suddenly, this whim became about possibilities.

*Insert screeching break sounds here*

Suddenly, this could be a reality. Amazement ensued. Commence hurried selling of home, gathering of documents, picking of location, etc. and we were off. In a flash; destination, The Sunshine State. Holy SHIT was I scared. Leaving my family...gaaah! My sisters! Gaaaaah! My nieces and nephews! GAAAAAAH! (I'm still not over that one, so don't make me think about it, or I WILL cry. It's a given) We had dinner together the night before we left and I literally felt as though my heart was being ripped out of my chest. My family...gaaaah! I had torn asunder the family unit. The very family unit that had my Dad had his way would live all tidily on a Kennedy-esque compound very safely gathered under his wing, sheltered and protected. (Fat lot of good it did the Kennedy's, I mean really. I know, right? But come on, you get my point. The man takes his job seriously. Even today..which Dad? HULLO, we grew up. You did it. Now chill out, dude! :P)(He may or may not still lecture me every time we talk, even today. But you know...that's okay. I like to believe I am beyond reproach at this stage of the game, he likes to believe otherwise. We agree to disagree. It works for us. But anyway, I and my extreme overuse of the love that is the parentheses, we digress.)(Where were we...oh yes...)

We came to Florida initially on a T-1 VISA through the NAFTA agreement. I wont bore you with the details, but suffice it to say it was valid for one year and I spent a great amount of energy extending it yearly. Like 8 months of the year was focused on this crap. Commence stress and hair pulling, compounded by anxiety. Three years and $6000.00 into that routine, we had it changed to an H1B VISA, good for a certain length of time, still a temporary gig. Factor in a job change (which also meant a VISA change and another $4000.00) and you have us where we are at today. After 7 years on this one, we have no choice but to leave the country for a minimum period of one year.

Well, having brought us all up to date, it is now time for renewal. We very much hope to be able to get our green cards and work towards being here permanently. So, I have contacted several immigration attorneys to find out what this entails. let me share the truncated version with you. This is boring me.

$20,000.00 and three years until final go ahead to apply for a green card. Currently, the green cards for Canadian citizens trying to come to the USA is backlogged 5 years. Factor in however many additional backlog years that will come into play until the year 2010 when we could apply and I'm figuring we could probably be sworn in as citizens about the time we would like to be considering retirement.

Seriously. Best case scenario, we could apply for citizenship in 13 years. Okay, so early retirement, but still.

And then? A dear friend of mine asked me one simple question... That question being, is it worth it?

Some days, it really isn't. Some days I want nothing more than to go back to what in my heart, based on historical value and memories, feels like home. Yet when I am there, I don't want to be there. The physical location doesn't do a hell of a lot for me and I really love life here. Going back would be exactly that, going back.

And lets face it. The golf is better here. When I am on the golf course, it is most definitely worth it.

The lawyers advice? Do what everyone else on the planet who wants to come here does. Get my nursing degree.

Me, a student. Imagine.

So that is plan B, the more viable and MUCH less expensive option. And seriously? I started talking about nursing school no less than 20 years ago. Funny how fate does that, right? Comes up and bites you on the ass? Although really, my extended vacation has been sweet...like more than 6 years sweet. It looks like playtime may, in fact, be over.

The hubs? He is amused and I think kinda feels like this could mean early retirement for him while I secure our future.. Good thing he has a thing for nurses, cause if he doesn't change that line of thought he will need them. And possibly a few orthopedic surgeons. Just don't tell him I said so; deal?

I suppose that alternately, I could take Steen's advice and go vacation in Cuba and then swim back.

What do you mean that I dont look Cuban with the auburn hair and freckles?


Anonymous popabare said...

as if i didn't have enough to worry about!!!!!!

Blogger Attention Whore said...

Nurse Dee...why am I in a fit of giggles all of a sudden? Oh - I know..cause this is what I imagine you to look like...sort of...much bigger boobs of course:

Alright - pass me up for some golf and sunshine...I'd do the same...minus the golf, insert cabana boy.

Blogger Carrisa said...

When you hear shit like this is makes you realize why we have so many illegal immigrants in this country. Who can afford all of that? Could you just like... have another baby or something? Wouldn't that be easier than going through all this paperwork crap?

Anonymous h said...

For the record, I think it's crap that good people have to go through SO much to become citizens. CRAP, I tell ya'. I know there are plenty less than good people trying, but I hate that that fact screws with my friends! I think you'll make a wonderful nurse! How are you with blood and guts? Snot and piss? Poo and the likes? Alrighty then!

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