Saturday, February 24, 2007
What's My Excuse?
A day in the life of.....


Me: Oldilocks, have you been soaking your teeth overnight like I told you to?

Oldilocks: What?

Me: Have you been taking your teeth out at night and soaking them so that they are clean?

Oldilocks: I've never soaked my teeth before, ever. ('I've never' is the standard response to everything. Chicken breasts? Never had them. A shower? Never take one. Clean laundry? Never heard of it. Driven home, on the same road daily? Never EVER been down this road before.)

Me: Yes honey, you have. You know the tablets we got you? In the box? Called polident?

Oldilocks: I tried, but those tablets taste AWFUL!

Me, aghast: No, no, no, no! You don't chew the tablets, you soak your teeth in a cup of water with one of the tablets!

Obviously, I've changed my method of instruction to include repeated demonstration.


On the other hand....


The number of times I was required to run the same load of dishes through the dishwasher before I figured out that I needed to remove the outer plastic wrapper from the Electrasol tablet? The one so clearly marked 'Remove plastic wrapper from tablet before placing in main soap dispenser'?


For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why the plastic wasn't just dissolving, like it always had. (duh, these are tabs, not the gelpaks.)


She has dementia. What is my excuse?


Anonymous h said...

OMG! I am totally cracking up. Yes, at you. No, make that WITH you! You are laughing at yourself, right?!?!?!?

Blogger Tig said...

I, myself, have fallen prey to the Electrasol plastic wrapping ruse. I rank it up there with forgetting to unwrap gum before you chew it.

Ooh look! Polydent! *chew chew*

Blogger Katya said...

We've never had that experience with the tablets, but we probably would if we used them! We thought our dishwasher was broken for the longest time, until the warranty guy came out and told us that we can't use the gel detergent and that we have to use half as much of the powdered stuff. Now our dishes come out sparkling!

Poor Oldilocks. She must get so confused some times. :(

Blogger Mama Jen said...

CAN'T.STOP.LAUGHING!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Three times? Seriously? I ♥ you so much.

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