Thursday, April 05, 2007
In Which There Is No Excuse But Laziness
I am feeling better. Thanks Kait, for inquiring. I haven't, however, lost my affinity for being a lazy ass who thinks to herself daily: 'Blog?'ll keep for another day' and then wiling away her free time by reading all the blogs of other, more interesting people she loves to partake of.

So, there ya have it. No excuse is my only excuse.

And since the highlight of my week is a funny that happened at Costco with The Leester last Friday afternoon, which I will share with you because holy HELL was it hilarious, afterwards I intend to direct you to some of my favorite daily reads. And then you can see how easy it is to be distracted and pulled away from my accidental anecdotes like I am. But just make sure you come back okay? Please? I'll miss you!


So anyways, we were wandering around and doing a bit of shopping and since I was still recovering from the flu I wanted nothing more than a new pair of pyjamas, which is a point of consternation with my husband to begin with, as he claims that half my wardrobe is made up of pyjamas. So, the conversation went down much like this:

Me: Oooh, I see they have new jammies, lemme go see.
TL: Alright...*sigh*
Me: Im reluctant to even mention jammies cause I know how you feel about them.
TL: They make up more than half your wardrobe Dee, you may as well run with it at this point.
Me: Yeah, yeah...shaddup. I'll let you help me pick.
TL: Oh, joy. (Not an ounce of sarcasm, as I am sure you guessed)
Me: Come on honey...
TL: If you want jammies, get jammies. (clearly just being nice cause I have been sick, which is as close as we get to sympathy in my house. Trust me. This was a true concession on his part.)

Upon making our way to the table heavily laden with the springy goodness of cotton florals and plaids, I hold up two options. A night shirt and a two piece capri set.

TL: Not that night gown screams old lady. If you have to get some, get the other ones.
Me: Okay, which pattern? Floral or plaid?
TL: I dont give a shit.
Me: Just pick.
TL: Not the flowers.
Me: You sure you dont like this night shirt?
Me: Oh come on baby, Grandma-flauge doesn't do it for you?

I almost pee'd my pants, laughing at my incredible wit. So did the lady who overheard the entire conversation.

Grandma-flauge. Bahahahaha. I kill me!

So...about those links. Or rather, about that whole laziness thing. I'll give you the links tomorrow. I don't feel like it today.



Blogger Kait said...

I won't buy the nightshirts because they are totally grandma-flage. That, and I wear jammies because I hate my legs sticking together, and a nightshirt just won't fix that!

Anonymous chelle said...

YOUR A DORK !!!!!LMAO AT YOU. That is all I am going to say:)

Blogger Attention Whore said...

Please tell me your don't GO to costco IN your jammies...cause then you've really just given up completely.

Let me guess...the leester didn't even crack a smile. He rolled his eyes and walked away.

Anonymous Creatively Evil said...

Grandma-flauge! =D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shit Yer Funny !!! I really mean it too!

Love You Guys

Big Sis

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