Thursday, April 19, 2007
Speaking Of Breakfast...
In a concerted effort to convince The Hubs that there is, indeed, more to breakfast than coffee from 7-11 and two peanut butter cookies, I have been practicing the art of the muffin. Today I bring you an extremely nutritious and yummalicious recipe for what I will go so far as to call the perfect bran muffin. The original recipe was given to me by my Mom, and was further modified (changes to original recipe indicated in parentheses) by yours truly as a means of amping up the wholesome goodness to cater to the specific needs of the Casa G. in light of the fact that The Prodigy is pre-diabetic. And who also, for some strange reason unbeknownst to me, has shown sudden leanings to the right-wing world of vegetarianism. Pshhhheah...gimme a steak, biatch! But, in an effort to accommodate and promote healthful eating habits, I am being supportive and uhm...stuff.

So, yeah.

Without further ado, the recipe!


Cranberry Walnut Bran Muffins

3/4c Bran (RAW bran, NOT bran cereal. Found in the cooked cereal aisle.)
3/4c Flour (Recipe calls for white, I used 100% Whole Wheat)
3/4c Granulated Sugar (I used 1/2c Splenda's sugar blend, plenty sweet enough)
1 1/2tsp Spice (ie: cinnamon, cloves, allspice or pumpkin pie spice, to your taste)
1tsp Baking Powder
1tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2c dried cranberries (any dried fruit works well, such as blueberries or raisins)
1/2c chopped walnuts (or pecans)

1c Canned Pumpkin (100% pumpkin, NOT pie filling)
2 large eggs
1/3c vegetable oil
1c plain yogurt (I used 8th Continent UNFLAVORED Soy Milk, Buttermilk works well too)

Combine dry ingredients in one bowl. Mix wet ingredients in another bowl until thoroughly mixed. Form a 'well' in the center of the dry ingredients and pour the wet ingredients in the center of the well. Mix until just combined. Spoon batter into muffin tins lightly sprayed with Pam until approximately 2/3 full. (An ice cream scoop works well.)

Bake in a 400 degree oven for approximately 25 minutes or until center of muffin is firm to the touch. Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely inside of muffin tins.

This recipe yields 12 muffins and is easily doubled.


p.s. "Do as I say and not as I do" being the creed to which we live by at the Casa G., I still partake of the breakfast Diet Coke while they eat these super moist and delicious muffins. Because I can. Because I said so. I did, however, give up the ugly cigarette habit so that has to count for something; right?

So there.


Anonymous Momma said...

I told you that was the best bran muffin recipe I right? And, in fact, the recipe does call for whole wheat flour. But, to make it decadent if one isn't too worried about fat (that would be I suppose) try using sour cream instead of yogourt. WOW

Blogger Attention Whore said...

It counts for everything my dear Dee..way to go you quitter.

Blogger Tig said...

What a woman! :x

Blogger Attention Whore said...

You think cause I abandoned my blog for half a month you can do the same??? MOVE IT!

Blogger Kimblahg said...

mmmm those sound good. send me some!

Anonymous h said...

Seriously. Missing. Your. Posts.

Blogger Tig said... we need to get worried? She ok?

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