Monday, April 16, 2007
You Kids Get Off My lawn, Y'hear?!
The Hubs and I had the occasion to be out late Friday night (a very unusual event for us..and by late I am sure I mean far earlier than most, considering I am usually in the land of dreams by 10:00pm or so. A wild child, this one.)and as I am wont to do, I had him stop so that I could get myself a coffee to have on the way home. I love coffee in the car a great deal. I love coffee in the car in the evening more, for entirely different reasons, as I was sure to point out to the Hubs.

Me: Hubs, I love coffee in the car, at night. It brings to mind road trips of yore. I love a good road trip Hubs, we should plan one!

TH: We are too old for a road trip Dee.

Me: Are not! Dude, you have GOT to quit referring to us as old! You're killin me here!

TH: Dee, we ARE old. We're like...arctic cruise old!

Me: You call me old one more time, Mother Fkucer, and you'll know arctic. You have yet to see the depths to which frigid can descend, my friend. Consider that your warning. Now take me home. I'm tired and my arthritis is acting up.



Blogger steen said...

You're never too old for road trips!

At least that's what I'm hoping. Retirement is going to be sweet.

Blogger Kait said...

Awww... I hate road trips! Except for that one time that Rob and I went to Creston, BC for a friend's wedding. That was awesome. But otherwise, blech.

Retirement is going to be sweet - I'm with Steen on that one!

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