Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Well, I have decided to make the leap from Blogger to Wordpress and my own domain, so watch in the next little while for some significant changes to this blog, its layout and its content.

Every so often, I sit back and wonder if I will bother continuing here. While I do not keep track of stats, readership, hits and the like; I know that I have very few readers in the grand scheme of things, but the ones I have I kind of like having. The Accidental Anecdote is a pretty intimate place that I started writing at in order to update my family and friends about our lives here in the Sunshine State and as a means of compensating for my craptastic manner of keeping in touch with family and friends in the North Country.

I have decided not only to keep plugging along at it, but to try and take it in a slightly more involved direction.

For this, I'd love it if you would give me some feedback!

A few things I am considering adding to the site are:

Recipes: My own and those of my family and friends that decide they would like to contribute. As I am a stay at home Mom and I love to cook, I like the idea of bringing you, the reader, ideas and easy to follow, illustrated recipes for quick, (mostly)healthful meals that start from scratch, using everday ingredients and finish with satisfaction from all. Perhaps a 'Dining with Dee' section?

Movie Reviews: The Family G does nothing, if not watch a bajillion movies (Note to self: get out more) which we do usually two or three times a week. And since we purchase the vast majority of movies we watch and are not limited by due dates, perhaps I can share the experiences with you as we go along, helping you to skip the really craptastic ones and finding something worthy. Cheesy title of that segment? 'DEE-VD Do's and Don'ts'! Uhm, yeah--gay.

My favorite websites and blogs: Would you like to see where I pass the time on this crazy box? Find some more blogs to add to your daily reading experience? Do something other than pick at your bellybutton lint while bored stiff?

Golf Tips and Tricks: Bahahahahaha! I jest! About the only tip I can give you is keep on keepin on; when it comes to golf. But you people that nay-say, you just have No. Idea. how awesome golf is.

Florida's Best Kept Secrets: Appealing to those planning to vacay here, a rundown Florida's best kept dining secrets, road trips, parks, things to do, etc.

At any rate, I think you get the idea. What say you? Would you like to see more content? Would you like to see me just hush up and float off in a sea of zeros and ones? Please, let me know!

Also, I'd love it if you would take a minute just to say hello, if you have never done so; or hell, even if you have. Maybe I am really just entirely disillusioned and I dont HAVE ANY readers, at all!


Anonymous steen said...

More content! More wit and humor! More poking fun at the men in your life!

I'd love to see all of the above, except for the golf thing because I'm still ages away from retiring. :P

Blogger Avitable said...

Pleading for comments is always a good idea.

I think you should just talk about me more. I like that in a blog.

If you have any questions about making the move to WP, let me know. I just did it myself not too long ago.

The Florida's Best Kept Secrets and the movie reviews might be fun. You should also think about getting a webcam and doing vlogs. Those are fun.

Anonymous h said...

I count myself a reader! And proud of it! :o) I vote for all of the above, especially the recipe section. Oh, and I don't think your movie review name is anything less than hilarious! You are too much! Keep at it.

Anonymous A from TX said...

I love your blog.
You are "real" and funny, maybe even 'real funny!

I love all of your future blog ideas.

- Golf? - Not so much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

More content is great... just please dont quit!!!
love from
Your fav Auntie

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